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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10201OH2BCD2002SO HP 20M100 185 24 61   
10202UT4UBJ2001SO HP 20M100 50 16   
10203SM7CAB1958SO HP 20M100   
10204UT5BH1966SO HP 20M99   
10205OH2BCD1965SO HP 20M99   
10206JA1AAT1975SO HP 20M96   
10207SP9FEW1972SO HP 20M96   
10208LA3DB1954SO HP 20M96         
10209SM5LL1950SO HP 20M96     
10210JK1LUY1999SO HP 20M88   
10211W4NXE1966SO HP 20M84   
10212WB6IZF1965SO HP 20M84   
10213UQ2CC1964SO HP 20M84   
10214W4HOS/41960SO HP 20M84   
10215W3KQD1950SO HP 20M81     
10216JA4YPE1984SO HP 20M80   
10217W6WSW1955SO HP 20M80   
10218W6DLR1950SO HP 20M80     
10219JH3BJN/41975SO HP 20M77   
10220WA1LAI1972SO HP 20M77   
10221W0VFM1954SO HP 20M77         
10222DL1IQ1954SO HP 20M72         
10223SM2VP1954SO HP 20M72         
10224SP3BLG1976SO HP 20M70   
10225JA0GZ1969SO HP 20M70   
10226F2SQ1965SO HP 20M70   
10227KL7AQB1952SO HP 20M70     
10228W4USM1952SO HP 20M66     
10229Y92ZL1988SO HP 20M64   
10230KC2LST2012SO HP 20M56 0.2 
10231SP9AVZ1974SO HP 20M56   
10232JH1KEJ1970SO HP 20M56   
10233W2HAZ1952SO HP 20M56     
10234WA8ZZZ1968SO HP 20M55   
10235JH1HTK1973SO HP 20M54   
10236DF0NT1987SO HP 20M52   
10237OH3SE1954SO HP 20M49         
10238UL7TAY1983SO HP 20M48   
10239OK3CGT1971SO HP 20M48   
10240DM2AOE1963SO HP 20M48   
10241DJ2HI1954SO HP 20M48         
10242AA4ZZ2000SO HP 20M46 15 15   
10243PA0UV1974SO HP 20M45   
10244W0DAD/11974SO HP 20M45   
10245OH2RD1964SO HP 20M45   
10246OX3UD1952SO HP 20M45     
10247UA3SCH1985SO HP 20M42   
10248OH2DN1971SO HP 20M42   
10249OZ8KB1960SO HP 20M42   
10250SM5PW1952SO HP 20M42     
10251OH6OV1949SO HP 20M42         
10252EA3EHE2000SO HP 20M40 92 12 28   
10253W2PAU1954SO HP 20M40         
10254W2CVW1954SO HP 20M36         
10255W0EWF1949SO HP 20M36         
10256OK2BBQ1967SO HP 20M35   
10257JR3STC1974SO HP 20M30   
10258PA0RZL1954SO HP 20M30         
10259VK3KS1950SO HP 20M30     
10260HW0ZZ1973SO HP 20M28   
10261W4HKJ1955SO HP 20M28   
10262LA3V1949SO HP 20M27         
10263OH5PG1961SO HP 20M25   
10264UN7PL2011SO HP 20M24  
10265IW1GGN2007SO HP 20M24   
10266OH2NIK2007SO HP 20M24   
10267JA1DCL1988SO HP 20M24   
10268W7KZK1985SO HP 20M24   
10269JA4AQR1963SO HP 20M24   
10270W3YHR1961SO HP 20M24   
10271W6WNX1954SO HP 20M24         
10272SM5NU1949SO HP 20M24         
10273SM6BCP1952SO HP 20M20     
10274LU6QI2014SO HP 20M18 0.1 
10275W7AYY2005SO HP 20M16 20     
10276Y49ZL1983SO HP 20M16   
10277DL7AU1952SO HP 20M15     
10278YB3BX2015SO HP 20M12 0.3 
10279OH3AC1986SO HP 20M12   
10280G3CS1952SO HP 20M12     
10281JH3YCJ/31976SO HP 20M10   
10282JH1HTK1974SO HP 20M10   
10283VE2AEW1956SO HP 20M  
10284JK1LUY2015SO HP 20M 
10285JA4BXU2013SO HP 20M 
10286WB9AYW2012SO HP 20M 
10287CT1ZC1990SO HP 20M  
10288KA4KMH1982SO HP 20M  
10289PA0U1975SO HP 20M  
10290K2OEG1956SO HP 20M  
10291PA0AMC1957SO HP 20M  
10292SM2DYW1974SO HP 20M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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