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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3001OZ/DL1YDI2006SO LP 10M136 10   
3002PY4CY2001SO LP 10M135   
3003PY2BRZ2003SO LP 10M132 19   
3004JH1OOD2014SO LP 10M130 0.8 
3005W5AJ2004SO LP 10M130   
3006JH1OES2011SO LP 10M126 0.2 
3007JA0NFP2011SO LP 10M120 0.4 
3008SP7VVB2010SO LP 10M120 0.1  
3009JA1XPU1993SO LP 10M117   
3010N3CZB1993SO LP 10M117   
3011DB7MA2007SO LP 10M110   
3012K7MGR2014SO LP 10M108 0.5 
3013JA1WWE2008SO LP 10M108 0.2  
3014V85ZX2015SO LP 10M105 1.9 
3015JA1SKY1997SO LP 10M105   
3016JQ2XON1994SO LP 10M104   
3017N4HXI2003SO LP 10M100 25 10 15   
3018DK9HE2002SO LP 10M100 21 11   
3019PU3GTF2002SO LP 10M100 12   
3020PY3GAD2002SO LP 10M100 79 15 24   
3021UA0SR2002SO LP 10M100 95 14 35   
3022UT5JAB2002SO LP 10M100 36 18   
3023F5TGR2001SO LP 10M100 84 17 44   
3024UA4CIF2000SO LP 10M100   
3025JF3CHM1999SO LP 10M100 10   
3026EA3EHE1998SO LP 10M100 33 13   
3027S57CQ1998SO LP 10M100 163 15 41   
3028YV7QP1998SO LP 10M100 167 18 41   
3029PR7BW2002SO LP 10M98 16   
3030OH4HAX1996SO LP 10M96   
3031JA7AXP2003SO LP 10M92   
3032WU9D2014SO LP 10M90 0.3 
3033IZ5OVP2009SO LP 10M90 12 0.5  
3034SQ9IAU2009SO LP 10M88 0.1  
3035DO4DXA2008SO LP 10M80 13 0.5  
3036JH0XUP/62000SO LP 10M80   
3037SP5LCC1996SO LP 10M80   
3038IQ5MS2009SO LP 10M78 10 0.2  
3039YG1CRR2012SO LP 10M72 0.4 
30407K2PBB1992SO LP 10M72   
3041IS0GSR2013SO LP 10M70 0.4 
3042MZ5A2007SO LP 10M70 0.3GW4BLE 
3043JL3RDC2007SO LP 10M66 7.8  
3044YO5CRQ2005SO LP 10M64   
3045JO3RCK2010SO LP 10M63 0.1  
3046DH8WE2004SO LP 10M60 10   
3047JL7FBV/12010SO LP 10M56   
3048EW2O2016SO LP 10M55 13 7.2 
3049KE3MX2016SO LP 10M54 16.7 
3050EA1RCO2014SO LP 10M54 0.7 
3051YO2AQB2008SO LP 10M50 0.3  
3052JE1HXZ2012SO LP 10M48 0.2  
3053JA9XAT2014SO LP 10M42 0.3 
3054UA3RN2007SO LP 10M42 11.6  
3055IT9NAN2016SO LP 10M40 1.1 
30564X/SM8A2009SO LP 10M36   
3057PY3FBI1996SO LP 10M36   
3058TA1BM2016SO LP 10M35 0.8 
3059ZW1CML2016SO LP 10M35 0.3PY1IO
3060UR5ZRL2008SO LP 10M33 12 0.6  
3061YM7XKA2015SO LP 10M30 0.7 
3062JL1JBA2013SO LP 10M30 1.0 
30634Z5QQ2003SO LP 10M30   
3064LZ3PZ2007SO LP 10M25 0.1  
3065YO2MSP2014SO LP 10M24 0.4 
3066JA9EJG2010SO LP 10M24 3.6  
3067OL0A2009SO LP 10M24 0.3OK1CZ 
3068OZ4QX2012SO LP 10M18  
3069PU3LSP1997SO LP 10M16   
3070VU2TO2016SO LP 10M15 0.4 
3071JH8CLC/72015SO LP 10M12 0.1 
3072LU2UF2010SO LP 10M12   
3073UA0WL2006SO LP 10M10   
3074UT1IA2005SO LP 10M10   
3075KI7LS2002SO LP 10M10 10   
3076JJ1HHJ2015SO LP 10M  
3077RX3AVD2015SO LP 10M0.3 
3078SQ6ODK2014SO LP 10M 
3079K9DR/72013SO LP 10M 
3080DO1DXX2012SO LP 10M 
3081JG8TDZ2011SO LP 10M 
3082JS3LSQ2011SO LP 10M 
3083JG8TDZ2010SO LP 10M  
3084SM5DUT1995SO LP 10M  
3085JH1KBG2013SO LP 10M 
3086JO3TQY2012SO LP 10M 
3087JE2IFM1993SO LP 10M  
3088PY1TR2016SO LP 10M  
3089PV8ABC2010SO LP 10M0.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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