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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3201VE7AKI1962SO HP 160M72   
3202OK1VG1959SO HP 160M72 12   
3203W3AS/72008SO HP 160M70 0.1  
3204EZ6ACB1981SO HP 160M70 10   
3205OL6ASQ/P1974SO HP 160M70   
3206K7IDX1971SO HP 160M70 20   
3207W2EQS/91973SO HP 160M64 45   
3208OL7AOC1970SO HP 160M64 21   
3209OK1AVY1967SO HP 160M64 12   
3210K0GT2007SO HP 160M63   
3211I2FUM1992SO HP 160M63   
3212OL3AXS1978SO HP 160M63   
3213OL8CHI1976SO HP 160M63 12   
3214OK2PFV1973SO HP 160M63   
3215JH1LKH1976SO HP 160M60   
3216JA3AA1973SO HP 160M60   
32179M2AX1991SO HP 160M56   
3218OK1ARO1974SO HP 160M56 18   
3219OK1AIJ1973SO HP 160M56 10   
3220OL9CDP1973SO HP 160M56 11   
3221OK2BCN1963SO HP 160M55 12   
3222OL8CJM1977SO HP 160M54 11   
3223OL8CCH1973SO HP 160M54 17   
3224VK6HD1972SO HP 160M54   
3225OK1AES1968SO HP 160M51 17   
3226W7VS2012SO HP 160M48 0.2 
3227JA5EZI2001SO HP 160M48 10   
3228UA2FCW1983SO HP 160M48   
3229JA9BOH1976SO HP 160M45   
3230SP6AEG2006SO HP 160M42   
3231UA9OS2006SO HP 160M42   
32325W1MM1994SO HP 160M42 JR6FIP 
3233OK3CAA1980SO HP 160M42   
3234JH2IRH1976SO HP 160M42   
3235JH1LKH1975SO HP 160M42   
3236OK2KBA1975SO HP 160M42   
3237JA8FBH1972SO HP 160M42   
3238WB6NRK1968SO HP 160M42 12   
3239PY2SP2010SO HP 160M40   
3240JA5DZY1989SO HP 160M40   
3241OK1AAZ1961SO HP 160M40 13   
3242G5MP1958SO HP 160M40   
3243OK3TDN1978SO HP 160M36   
3244OL5AWC1977SO HP 160M36   
3245OL8CCS1974SO HP 160M36   
3246K8UDJ1971SO HP 160M36   
3247JA1RQA1969SO HP 160M36 11   
3248SP6AEG2002SO HP 160M35   
3249OK2PDN1970SO HP 160M35   
3250W6KWE1969SO HP 160M35 21   
3251W7DRA2014SO HP 160M32 0.2  
3252W8BAR1963SO HP 160M32   
3253JA1FGB2016SO HP 160M30 0.9 
3254PY1BVY2000SO HP 160M30   
3255UB5EQG1989SO HP 160M30   
3256OL2VAH1981SO HP 160M30   
3257OK1AIJ1974SO HP 160M30   
3258OK2PDN1971SO HP 160M30 11   
3259W6JTB/61964SO HP 160M30 20   
32609M2AX1975SO HP 160M26 13   
3261UA0FER1982SO HP 160M25 25   
3262YV5IAL2015SO HP 160M24 1.0 
3263KH6BZF1975SO HP 160M24   
3264OL8CAG1971SO HP 160M24 11   
3265OK1HAS1970SO HP 160M24   
3266WA2LDX1970SO HP 160M24   
3267OK1KNG1962SO HP 160M24   
3268K7EKD1961SO HP 160M24 13   
3269W7ZVY1958SO HP 160M24 14   
3270K7UIR/42003SO HP 160M18 15   
3271UA2FBG1979SO HP 160M18   
3272OK3CFT1976SO HP 160M18   
3273LU5EVM1972SO HP 160M18   
3274K7UIR2009SO HP 160M16   
3275OL2VAG1981SO HP 160M16   
3276OK2BJJ1968SO HP 160M16   
3277DL1YA1962SO HP 160M16   
3278W1BB1959SO HP 160M16 10   
3279OK1DWJ1985SO HP 160M15   
3280OK1OPT1979SO HP 160M15 11   
3281OL0CBH1973SO HP 160M15   
3282JA0DAE1972SO HP 160M12   
3283JA1RQA1968SO HP 160M12   
3284YC0LOW2011SO HP 160M 
3285OL8CII1977SO HP 160M  
3286JW0D1991SO HP 160M  
3287UA0LBS1979SO HP 160M  
3288OL5APX1972SO HP 160M13   
3289JA1AAV1985SO HP 160M  
3290OZ9MM1982SO HP 160M  
3291VK5KO1964SO HP 160M  
3292VK5KO1970SO HP 160M  
3293PY3PR2007SO HP 160M  
3294KE6VL1988SO HP 160M  
3295JH2IRH1975SO HP 160M  
3296JA6WGE1972SO HP 160M  
3297OL8CJO1977SO HP 160M  
3298JA3AA1964SO HP 160M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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