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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5801SM3CVM1985SO HP 80M160 10   
5802KA2YMZ1985SO HP 80M150 36   
5803HA9OV1971SO HP 80M140 20   
5804OH3MF1964SO HP 80M140 15   
5805UM8MDX1990SO HP 80M136   
5806OZ4MB1952SO HP 80M136     
5807OK3TBC1970SO HP 80M133 19   
5808OH2BHM1966SO HP 80M132 14   
5809JA9BOH1982SO HP 80M130 14   
5810DM4WWL1970SO HP 80M130 13   
5811OK1NW1958SO HP 80M130 15   
5812W8IBX1971SO HP 80M126   
5813JA7CDU1966SO HP 80M126 10   
5814OK2BGV1964SO HP 80M120 16   
5815OK1OW1962SO HP 80M120 17   
5816YT7DX2016SO HP 80M117 0.8  
5817OZ8VL/A1975SO HP 80M110   
5818OK2SWD/P1973SO HP 80M110 11   
5819OK1XC1966SO HP 80M110 11   
5820YO5AAU1979SO HP 80M108 16   
5821PY7VNY1966SO HP 80M105   
5822PA0WKL1954SO HP 80M102         
5823DL2AMD2007SO HP 80M100 0.3  
5824DM2AFA1977SO HP 80M100 10   
5825DM4QL1977SO HP 80M99   
5826JA1EL1962SO HP 80M99   
5827SM7CAB1955SO HP 80M99 11   
5828W1WY1954SO HP 80M99         
5829DL9NM1952SO HP 80M99     
5830UB5LT1976SO HP 80M98   
5831OK2KOF1962SO HP 80M96 12   
5832Y23MA1989SO HP 80M90   
5833Y23WA1983SO HP 80M90 10   
5834YO6AFR1972SO HP 80M90 10   
5835SP6GB1971SO HP 80M90 10   
5836SP7DQR1970SO HP 80M90 10   
5837JA1HGY1965SO HP 80M90   
5838JA1YL1959SO HP 80M90 10   
5839W3SIJ1955SO HP 80M90   
5840PY5XH2013SO HP 80M88 13 10 12 7.2 
5841SP7DQR1971SO HP 80M88 16   
5842JK1LUY2016SO HP 80M84 0.4 
5843SM5CZD1955SO HP 80M84 12   
5844JK1LUY2017SO HP 80M80 0.3 
5845YO5TA1980SO HP 80M80 11   
5846OM0ARH1971SO HP 80M80   
5847YO3FA1954SO HP 80M80         
5848OK1MZO1974SO HP 80M75 16   
5849OH7UV1976SO HP 80M72   
5850HB9DB1955SO HP 80M72   
5851DM2AMF1965SO HP 80M70 15   
5852HA1SM1963SO HP 80M70 15   
5853JA6FGC2009SO HP 80M68 29 13 21 1.5  
5854SP9HAX1973SO HP 80M66   
5855JA2HFB1978SO HP 80M65   
5856SP6PAX1973SO HP 80M65 13   
5857DM5GL1967SO HP 80M64 10   
5858OH3MU1965SO HP 80M64   
5859PY1WS2016SO HP 80M60 0.5 
58609S4BF1951SO HP 80M60     
5861YO6BTY1983SO HP 80M56   
5862JH1WLA1977SO HP 80M56   
5863VK3RJ1971SO HP 80M56   
5864SP3SI1958SO HP 80M56 13   
5865UA9UR1975SO HP 80M55   
58667M4AOE2017SO HP 80M54 0.6 
5867WA5FZG/41976SO HP 80M54   
5868OK1AVG1967SO HP 80M54 11   
5869SP9AVZ1973SO HP 80M52 17   
5870YO6BTY1988SO HP 80M48   
5871JA6YLP1980SO HP 80M48   
5872JA1AS1954SO HP 80M48         
5873OH1RX1954SO HP 80M48         
5874YU7DVW1985SO HP 80M45   
5875OK3ZAB1973SO HP 80M44 12   
5876LA5AP1972SO HP 80M42   
5877SM6BDS1954SO HP 80M42         
5878OH6LF1970SO HP 80M40   
5879YO7APA1976SO HP 80M36   
5880K4IX1968SO HP 80M36   
5881OH5VS1965SO HP 80M35   
5882UR4CWM2000SO HP 80M32   
5883OK3CFS1964SO HP 80M30 10   
5884OZ2NU1952SO HP 80M30     
5885DJ1HJ1957SO HP 80M25   
5886SM5CHA1954SO HP 80M25         
5887JK1ZIL1988SO HP 80M24   
5888YU3FK1980SO HP 80M24   
5889SP8IOD1976SO HP 80M24   
5890JA3IVW1970SO HP 80M24   
5891W1SWX1964SO HP 80M24   
5892JA3BCT1976SO HP 80M16   
5893OK2KRK1963SO HP 80M16   
5894OH2BAK1982SO HP 80M15   
5895LU3EBP1989SO HP 80M12   
5896DM2BUF1976SO HP 80M12   
5897SP9RRW1994SO HP 80M10   
5898JA7ADV1962SO HP 80M10   
5899OK2SG1951SO HP 80M10     
5900RK1PWA2017SO HP 80M 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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