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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10401LW1EA1998SO HP 10M100 29 11 19   
10402DK5KJ/HA/M1988SO HP 10M99 11   
10403CX3BT1952SO HP 10M99     
10404PY1BEK2003SO HP 10M96 11   
10405HI8XAW1973SO HP 10M96 12   
10406LZ1UF1962SO HP 10M96 16   
10407W0NBS1950SO HP 10M96     
10408W2RR2014SO HP 10M90 WA2AOG
10409RA1AKL1976SO HP 10M90   
10410JA3AVB1960SO HP 10M90   
10411W8PM1950SO HP 10M90     
10412JA6WJL1986SO HP 10M84   
10413RA9MBH1983SO HP 10M84   
10414UR2RNG1983SO HP 10M84 17   
10415JA1EL1972SO HP 10M84   
10416DJ1FC1985SO HP 10M80   
10417JA7FGH1968SO HP 10M80   
10418JA1QBG1965SO HP 10M80   
10419JA1WC1959SO HP 10M80   
10420GM3CSM1952SO HP 10M80     
10421W0BRA1950SO HP 10M80     
10422JA3RBC1986SO HP 10M76   
10423TA3EC2014SO HP 10M72  
10424OM3DX2007SO HP 10M72 0.3  
10425EU6DX1998SO HP 10M72   
10426JE8TRU1986SO HP 10M72   
10427PY6KR1984SO HP 10M72   
10428UA6ARX1982SO HP 10M64   
10429JA1FO1985SO HP 10M60   
10430OZ7AX1955SO HP 10M60   
10431EA7BHO2012SO HP 10M54  
10432OK2ABU1975SO HP 10M54   
10433OH1XA1970SO HP 10M54   
10434UB5KUT1965SO HP 10M54   
10435W4EEO1950SO HP 10M54     
10436LU1IBL2014SO HP 10M49  
10437RZ9YF2007SO HP 10M49 0.3  
10438JA7KM1984SO HP 10M48   
10439WB3JGP1978SO HP 10M48   
10440VE3BBH1975SO HP 10M48   
10441UB5BFS1962SO HP 10M48   
10442JF2LTH1979SO HP 10M42   
10443SP9ADU1976SO HP 10M42   
10444SP9ZD1975SO HP 10M42   
10445JA1AKH1960SO HP 10M42   
10446UA9CRR1984SO HP 10M40   
10447YB2VMC2017SO HP 10M36 0.2 
10448JE1TTO1988SO HP 10M36   
10449KA1ZKI1988SO HP 10M36   
10450JK1LRH1983SO HP 10M36   
10451TF3SF1949SO HP 10M36         
10452SM0JXA1986SO HP 10M28   
10453W6RGG1965SO HP 10M25   
10454VE2AEW1956SO HP 10M25   
10455UA4LL2012SO HP 10M24 1.0 
10456VU3SPD2012SO HP 10M24   
10457EA2IF2010SO HP 10M24   
10458PU1LSW2008SO HP 10M24   
10459JG1WRN1977SO HP 10M24   
10460W8GLC1973SO HP 10M24   
10461W6UFJ1959SO HP 10M24   
10462W0RVS1949SO HP 10M24         
10463W9BZB1949SO HP 10M24         
10464OH7SX1975SO HP 10M18   
10465JA1AYO1959SO HP 10M18   
10466OG2N2014SO HP 10M16  
10467W1MX2014SO HP 10M16 KT1D
10468JA9CWJ1983SO HP 10M16   
10469KZ5DE1949SO HP 10M16     
10470VE3ND1949SO HP 10M16         
10471DH0GDS2008SO HP 10M15 0.1  
10472W5ZFS1954SO HP 10M15         
10473W6NJU1952SO HP 10M15     
10474LU7MAO1975SO HP 10M12   
10475W9AQW1965SO HP 10M12   
10476JA1HKP1964SO HP 10M12   
10477W5ZFS1953SO HP 10M12         
10478DL1YA1952SO HP 10M12     
10479KE1BYL/62009SO HP 10M10   
10480KL0PG2000SO HP 10M  
10481OH2UV1950SO HP 10M    
10482NQ0I2013SO HP 10M 
10483KO3Q1999SO HP 10M  
10484JA9CWJ1990SO HP 10M  
10485KB1KA1988SO HP 10M  
10486JE6NPA1985SO HP 10M  
10487YO3JU1981SO HP 10M  
10488JA7ZTI1980SO HP 10M  
10489VE3MZ1949SO HP 10M        
10490RB5IOV1975SO HP 10M  
10491FF8PG1949SO HP 10M        

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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