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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
13401S59V2002SA HP ALL208   
13402W8TK/72009SA HP ALL204 0.2  
13403N1EN/62016SA HP ALL198 1.7 
13404N8AGU2015SA HP ALL198 0.1  
13405IW3SAR2009SA HP ALL195 0.1  
13406LA9DFA2015SA HP ALL192 0.6 
13407KB3FEE2002SA HP ALL189 11   
13408KK7L2015SA HP ALL187 1.5 
13409K5HM2016SA HP ALL182 0.6 
13410LU6QI2015SA HP ALL180 0.8 
13411W0DET2015SA HP ALL168 0.4 
13412EA4AFP2008SA HP ALL168   
13413SQ6VY2007SA HP ALL161 23 16 0.7  
13414AB2IO2016SA HP ALL156 0.8 
13415EA1IHZ2012SA HP ALL154 0.3 
13416KA9FOX2015SA HP ALL144  
13417K3PH2010SA HP ALL144   
13418KM6I2009SA HP ALL144 0.1  
13419NP4G2015SA HP ALL143 0.2 
13420KM9M2012SA HP ALL143 0.4 
13421AB3CV2014SA HP ALL140  
13422KR7RR2012SA HP ALL140 0.8 
13423UA0ZAZ2006SA HP ALL140   
13424SP6RLK2016SA HP ALL135 0.3  
13425SP5IT2013SA HP ALL135 0.6 
13426DB1WT2016SA HP ALL132 1.1 
13427HB9ODK2015SA HP ALL130 0.1 
13428RV3FT2015SA HP ALL130 1.0 
13429SN6T2011SA HP ALL130 SP6T
13430BD1WYL2009SA HP ALL128 0.5  
13431K7AWB2014SA HP ALL120 0.2 
13432RU9F2016SA HP ALL112 2.6 
13433N7DXT2016SA HP ALL110 0.3 
13434DJ1XT2015SA HP ALL105 0.1  
13435DG2UA2009SA HP ALL100 99 24 57 5.3  
13436K9QLC2008SA HP ALL100 43 22 23 2.7  
13437OK1FJD2012SA HP ALL99 0.2 
13438JP1QDH2008SA HP ALL96 0.1  
13439RN3GM2006SA HP ALL96   
13440WO7V2014SA HP ALL88 0.2 
13441LU6QI2016SA HP ALL80 0.2 
13442UA6G2011SA HP ALL80 0.2 
13443EA3XL2016SA HP ALL78 0.1 
13444UN5J2011SA HP ALL72  
13445BH1BSH2009SA HP ALL72 0.4  
13446W4VIC2009SA HP ALL70 0.1  
13447IZ1KGK2015SA HP ALL64 1.4 
13448TR0A2013SA HP ALL64 0.1F4EIH
13449NJ1F/22009SA HP ALL60 0.2  
13450JI3KXB2008SA HP ALL55 0.6  
13451WA8A2016SA HP ALL54  
13452KB4FB2015SA HP ALL54 0.8 
13453KE1J2014SA HP ALL54  
13454UN7LZ2012SA HP ALL54 0.5 
13455IW3SAR2008SA HP ALL54   
13456RX3RZ2007SA HP ALL54 0.1  
13457RU4AO2006SA HP ALL50 20 10 15   
13458K1KI1992SA HP ALL48   
13459WE2W/12015SA HP ALL45  
13460R7FK2012SA HP ALL45 0.5 
13461R4RA2011SA HP ALL45 0.1 
13462RV9CX2015SA HP ALL42 0.5 
13463G6VMR2014SA HP ALL42 0.4 
13464N0BK2008SA HP ALL42 0.1  
13465N8AGU2014SA HP ALL36 0.1 
13466N0MK2013SA HP ALL36 0.8 
13467OZ7IB2015SA HP ALL24 1.6 
13468BH1CXR2014SA HP ALL24 0.4 
13469HB9ODK2014SA HP ALL24  
13470N5MX2011SA HP ALL24  
13471SP5DIR2011SA HP ALL24  
13472K7AWB2010SA HP ALL24   
13473K8LJK/72009SA HP ALL24   
13474SP2UUU2008SA HP ALL24 0.4  
13475K0EZW2016SA HP ALL20 0.5 
13476RW0AR2016SA HP ALL16   
13477BG1RUH2009SA HP ALL16   
13478UR5UCJ2011SA HP ALL15 0.1 
13479N4CNZ2016SA HP ALL13 10 10 1.2  
13480WF4U/72015SA HP ALL12 1.3 
13481K5VIP/42013SA HP ALL12 K5VIP
13482K3YG2012SA HP ALL12 0.2  
13483OH2BN2011SA HP ALL12  
13484NP3D/22010SA HP ALL  
13485SQ3RX2008SA HP ALL  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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