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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3101UA3KFB1965SO HP 40M208 16 10   
3102JA0GZ1985SO HP 40M204   
3103DL1UX1953SO HP 40M204         
3104PA0OI1953SO HP 40M200         
3105K4VWH1963SO HP 40M196   
3106OH5PN1957SO HP 40M195 16 10   
3107JA1BRK1961SO HP 40M192   
3108M0CCA2015SO HP 40M182 13 1.0 
3109LA1RN1985SO HP 40M182 13 10   
3110YO5CUU1987SO HP 40M180 18   
3111DK6PY1974SO HP 40M180   
3112Y25MO1988SO HP 40M156 14 10   
3113YV5AVA1962SO HP 40M156   
3114JF2LTH1988SO HP 40M150   
3115W7JLU1953SO HP 40M150         
3116AA4WX1998SO HP 40M144   
3117UA6ARX1983SO HP 40M143 11   
3118LA1RN1974SO HP 40M140 12   
3119DM2CXN1970SO HP 40M136 17   
3120JA2ESR1995SO HP 40M135   
3121Y46XF1985SO HP 40M132 11   
3122DM2CMF1973SO HP 40M132 12   
3123JA2BEY1986SO HP 40M130   
3124W1APA1955SO HP 40M130   
3125PY3PC2011SO HP 40M126 32 1.4 
3126SM0OY1971SO HP 40M121 11   
3127VK2KJJ2010SO HP 40M120 0.2  
3128JF2LTH1989SO HP 40M120   
3129YO3JU1963SO HP 40M120 14   
3130LZ2KRZ1963SO HP 40M108 13   
3131K9TTT/82003SO HP 40M100 22 10 15   
3132UL7TT1985SO HP 40M99   
3133JA0GZ1990SO HP 40M96   
3134EA6ABK2001SO HP 40M88   
3135XE2ICS/M1972SO HP 40M84   
3136JA1AAT1956SO HP 40M84   
3137JH6NBW1983SO HP 40M81   
3138AF6RT2009SO HP 40M80   
3139HK3DDD1977SO HP 40M80   
3140JA0HYU1978SO HP 40M75   
3141JA1EF1954SO HP 40M75         
3142ZL1HY1951SO HP 40M75     
3143VU2MTT2016SO HP 40M72 0.5 
3144JA1QI1955SO HP 40M72   
3145JH9URT1996SO HP 40M70   
3146UC2KGD1964SO HP 40M70 10   
3147W1WMH1968SO HP 40M64   
3148SP8AJK1963SO HP 40M63   
3149JJ2RON2012SO HP 40M60 0.2  
3150JA4BXU2009SO HP 40M60 0.1  
3151JF2LTH1987SO HP 40M56   
3152PA0EEM1952SO HP 40M56     
3153CE7LL1982SO HP 40M54   
3154JA2YDK1972SO HP 40M52   
3155KJ4CNN2014SO HP 40M48 1.0 
3156W3FQE1984SO HP 40M48   
3157JA8MXC2012SO HP 40M45 0.1 
3158Y37KM1990SO HP 40M45   
3159K4MSH2009SO HP 40M42 0.2  
3160DK6PY1980SO HP 40M42   
3161JA1KXT1977SO HP 40M42   
3162UA3XAW1976SO HP 40M42   
3163KC3AED2013SO HP 40M40 10 1.7 
3164UB5MDD1977SO HP 40M40 139 27   
3165SP2GUB1975SO HP 40M36   
3166JA7IJ1959SO HP 40M36   
3167JA1VP1956SO HP 40M36   
3168DM2DLE1977SO HP 40M35   
3169JA4FJL2015SO HP 40M32 0.6 
3170RW0BG2016SO HP 40M30 1.2 
3171CT1DRC1986SO HP 40M30   
3172JA0RFF1986SO HP 40M30   
3173JH2EXR1973SO HP 40M30   
3174JH3BJN/41975SO HP 40M28   
3175JA6GGD1983SO HP 40M18   
3176SM7AKO1952SO HP 40M16     
3177NT0Y/42009SO HP 40M15   
3178UA3KBO1966SO HP 40M15 198 16 43   
3179AD8J/KH61983SO HP 40M12   
3180PV8ADI2012SO HP 40M0.2 
3181SP2FAP2011SO HP 40M 
3182JA2AIR1972SO HP 40M  
3183JA3KEV1965SO HP 40M  
3184VP8NX1975SO HP 40M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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