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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
42001RU6L2012SO HP ALL84 0.5 
42002W5RAW2009SO HP ALL84 0.6  
42003W4DXI1948SO HP ALL84         
42004TE4T1987SO HP ALL83 83 19 33   
42005KF5NRS2015SO HP ALL81 1.0 
42006SP2QCU2002SO HP ALL81   
42007EA1DFP2013SO HP ALL80 0.9 
42008OK1DK1975SO HP ALL80   
42009W2DEM1954SO HP ALL80         
42010SM0LZT1997SO HP ALL78   
42011OH5OQ1982SO HP ALL76   
42012SP2MHC2012SO HP ALL72 0.5 
42013LX3PR2011SO HP ALL72 0.1 
42014N5TEY2007SO HP ALL72   
42015UA3BM2007SO HP ALL72 0.2  
42016DJ3OJ1962SO HP ALL72 10   
42017PA0TV1956SO HP ALL72   
42018KP4KD1948SO HP ALL72         
42019OZ1DYI1984SO HP ALL71   
42020VE3DNR1996SO HP ALL70   
42021VK3KS1967SO HP ALL69   
42022JA1AAV1985SO HP ALL66   
42023PY2AAZ2010SO HP ALL63 0.2  
42024K1IJU1963SO HP ALL63   
42025JA1PTJ2014SO HP ALL60 0.3 
42026NH2P2015SO HP ALL56 0.2 
42027IZ1HDR2014SO HP ALL56 1.0  
42028JA1LB1974SO HP ALL56   
42029JA1CR1956SO HP ALL56   
42030PD0NXV2010SO HP ALL55 0.3  
42031OH2BN2014SO HP ALL54 0.2 
42032RA7A2014SO HP ALL54 0.9 
42033IZ0FVH2011SO HP ALL54  
42034SM3X2003SO HP ALL54 SM3CVM 
420355H3RF1990SO HP ALL54   
42036PY3CM1986SO HP ALL54   
42037DM3BE1970SO HP ALL54   
42038SP9RJ1961SO HP ALL54   
42039SP1BBT2005SO HP ALL52   
42040K3JLI1965SO HP ALL52 16   
42041OH1BA1982SO HP ALL50   
42042OH2FT1960SO HP ALL50 26 18   
42043SP9NFB2002SO HP ALL49   
42044JA1CR1955SO HP ALL48   
42045JG3LGD2011SO HP ALL45  
42046JH4FIU1977SO HP ALL45   
42047OK1GA1948SO HP ALL45         
42048EA3DBO1986SO HP ALL42   
42049OY7ML1965SO HP ALL42   
42050N7TES2016SO HP ALL40 1.9 
42051YU2ZIX2009SO HP ALL40 0.4  
42052LA6XDA1983SO HP ALL40   
42053VK9DR1968SO HP ALL40   
42054SP9ADU1965SO HP ALL40   
42055KC9NWP/32013SO HP ALL36 0.2 
42056VA3ACZ2010SO HP ALL36   
42057VK5NFR1977SO HP ALL36   
42058W2NNB1948SO HP ALL35         
42059UY5QZ2005SO HP ALL32   
42060PP5WG1990SO HP ALL32   
42061JH1FJK1984SO HP ALL30   
42062WA3QDH1972SO HP ALL30   
42063WB6BWZ1964SO HP ALL30   
42064HA6NI1963SO HP ALL30   
42065KN3T1986SO HP ALL28   
42066RK9Q2015SO HP ALL24 RW9QA
42067UN5J2015SO HP ALL24  
42068IZ0EGA2014SO HP ALL24  
42069JA4BXU2011SO HP ALL24  
42070BG5FBR2010SO HP ALL24   
42071EA4CQT2009SO HP ALL24   
42072PY2ED1978SO HP ALL24   
42073PY1AU1948SO HP ALL24         
42074JA3COA1984SO HP ALL21   
42075N8VSI2008SO HP ALL20 0.3  
42076DM2ATL1966SO HP ALL18   
42077WB9AYW2010SO HP ALL16   
42078OH5NB1961SO HP ALL15   
42079SP3JZI2013SO HP ALL14 1.4 
42080W1PLJ1958SO HP ALL  
42081LA9T1948SO HP ALL        
42082OK2SO1948SO HP ALL        
42083N5TEY2006SO HP ALL  
42084OK1FF1948SO HP ALL        
42085KJ4MUY2010SO HP ALL  
42086W4UM2006SO HP ALL  
42087OH5YX1979SO HP ALL  
42088LA3V1948SO HP ALL        
42089CM2SB1948SO HP ALL        
42090CM2SM1948SO HP ALL        
42091DL4FAY2001SO HP ALL        
420929M8AX1989SO HP ALL  
42093C31LFD1986SO HP ALL  
42094OX3AB1976SO HP ALL  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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