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W4JHC/5SA LP ALLThank you
W4KAZSA LP ALLWorked spots since so many don't use their callsign on a regular basis, so Its probably 60 busted qsos. lol
W4TTMSA LP ALLLicensed 12-22-2014
W5RYASO LP ALLFirst time ever for over one million claimed score in this contest
W5THTSA HP ALLOH - those rippling speeding dits !!
W5XB/4SO HP ALLFun contest but family coming in AFTER THANKSGIVING TOOK AWAY OP TIME
W6JTISO QRP ALLBeat my personal record (1999) by 30%. VU4KV on 40m was a big thrill
W6LENSO LP ALLFighting a bad cold, but still had fun. Barefoot and vertical did well Can't stay up like the old days
W6NSChecklogJust checking out the new rig, the transition from the IC756pii to the K3, Microkeyer2r and new version of N1MM, plus my limited CW skills made this a challenge. With practice and perseverance I will overcome my challenges
W6RLL/7SO HP 40MIcom IC-7800, Acom 2000A, 40M Four Square phased vertical array. Operating early evenings and mornings I managed to log five hours of operating time. 73 de Joe
W6SDM/7SA HP ALLFlex 6300 Elecraft KPA 500 & KAT 500, TH7, Gap Voyager
W6YASO HP 10MGreat conditions on 10 meters made this a fun contest. Even the QRP stations were loud. There was so much activity, at times up to 28.170, that it was hard to find a run spot. Even then, it was hard to get enough separation, since runs between two close stations with good filters occasionally got mixed, which will account for some NIL entries. I never heard zones 17-21-22-34-37-39 from here in Southern CA, but it was nice to find both JT1BV and BG9XD for 23. Another plus was finding XV, 3W, and several HS for zone 26. Regardless of continuous participation, this is my first CWWW CW post in 5 years, since I am so disgusted at the use of spots/skimmers that have made such a mess of contesting. I still dream of a real DX contest where the competitors all have to do their own work, instead of relying on someone or something else to do it for them
W7DRASO HP 160MGot the old worm warmer out, ARC5 VFO, keyed 6AG7/807 MOPA with one of the old W7RM 833a tubes as a final at about 350w, antenna was a half wave inverted L, and the receiver an NC183 with a two turn loop sitting on the operating table
W8WASO HP 10MExcellent contest - super condx!!!
W9KHHSO LP ALLNot much time but fun with low dipole
W9YA/5SO QRP 20MA barrel of fun for a few hours. Next year - more seat time !!
WA0QVC/7SA LP 20MJust worked the last few hours of contest. Good condx to Europe from Arizona. Thanks to all that heard my puny signal !!!!!
WA1FCN/4SA LP 40MEvery thing was in place for a great weekend.... then Mr. Murphy visited. 2 1/2 hours into contest SB 40 swr whent skyhigh ! I did not want to switch entry category, so I said I wonder if my 80 mtr loop will load on 40 ? I knew it would not be like my 2 el at 70 ft but what the heck. Yep it loaded so on with the show. I was able to climb tower sunday afternoon and repair coax but by this time all the good night propagation was missed. 73 BoB WA1FCN
WA2VZQSO LP ALLFinally worked a HS0 - He was in the clear
WA3C/8SA HP 40MI just love this contest!
WA4HXCSA HP 10MLot's of fun
WA5RMLSO LP ALLKX3/KXPA100 @100 wts to G5RV (40M) and Vertical (20-10M)
WA5ZKOSO LP ALLbands in good shape and 10 was hopping till the end
WA6KHKSA LP ALLGreat openings on 10, 15, and 20 meters! Working almost one station per minute on 20 meters on Sunday morning with my 100 watts! We mananged to work 70+ countries and 28+ zones on those 3 bands. I was only 2 contacts short of a 700k score! I even got 52 countries and 24 zones on 40 meters. It was lots of fun but I really need to have new tubes in my amps when RF Parts gets them next month. I should have the amps up and working for the ARRL DX contests
WA6MHZSA HP ALLfirst CQ WW CW contest. enough new countries for a CW DXCC now!
WA7LTSO HP ALLI had one hell of a time with the receiver(s)!!! First, I took a small lightning hit while operating as W1AW/7--sent the main FT-1000D transceiver off for repairs. Next, I purchased another used FT-1000D and placed it into operation only to find out the antenna relay was intermittent after it got warm. Next, I took out my third FT-1000D (spare station) and put it in place only to find out the antenna relay in it had the same problem as the second one! By intermittent I mean really bad--they would barely work after the transceiver became warm with the intermittent problem becoming so bad the antenna circuit was mostly open! Try working stations with that! Needless to say I turned things off several hours before the end of the contest!
WA7NBSO HP ALLBands in Great Shape
WA8REISO QRP 10M10 meters, single band, QRP. Thank you all for a fun time! about 7 hours op time due to other obligations. FT-2000, 5 watts, Mosley PRO 67B at 48 feet 92 QSOs / 42 COUNTRIES / 21 ZONES
WB2HJVSA HP 10MOnly operated 10 meter cw
WB6JJJSA HP ALLInteresting band conditions last night... 10 and 15 were still open to the South Pacific to well into darkness. A couple of important keys on the keyboard failed this afternoon which took time to get and set up a new one. We had lots of family here at the ranch for Thanksgiving and a few days either side so keeping them happy really cut into radio time. We did get a few pictures of our Granddaughter with headphones on listening to whatever she found not boring. Thanks for all of the QSOs, it was a lot of fun. Bill
WB8JAYSO LP ALLGreat sunspots X new Hustler 6BTV = Fun on the bands!
WB9G/4SO QRP ALLGood conditions on the four bands I worked. Thanks for digging my puny QRP signal out of the mud, especially for the 17 stations who worked me on 40m. Station: KX3 to an indoor dipole. Thanks for the QSOs! 73 de Chris, WB9G/4
WE9VSA HP ALLThat was fun! A lot of personal highs: * Highest CW QSO total in any contest from home. * Highest country total in any contest from home. * Highest CQWW CW score, almost twice my personal best. Yet, there's LOTS of room for improvement. Still a lot of S&Ping, but I did CQ in this one more than usual. Still got 6 hours of sleep each night. And lots of antenna problems. 40M beam got fried this summer from lightning, so only a 30 foot (10m) high dipole instead. My 2-stack of KT34XAs also developed a problem so only the low (50') one worked. My S9+20 160M RFI noise is the worst it's been in 15 years, and the noise blanker did not help enough. Was surprised to work a few countries there. Congrats to those stations with signals big enough to top the noise. I'm sure lots of other records set. Great conditions on all bands. Congrats to all for the high scores, and thanks for the QSOs. Chad WE9V
WF0TSO QRP 15MGreat conditions, highlight was working zones 38 and 40
WO7ASO LP ALL11/21/2013
WO7RSA HP ALLIncredible conditions, got 7O, VU4, 8Q and much more in one weekend
WO7TSA HP ALLA hunt and peck weekend with very nice 10 and 15 openings observed into Southwest United States
WO9BSO LP 10MNew Antenna and conditions were really good
WS3CSO LP ALLIf I could learn to type and copy at 50 wpm I could do better
XE2BSO LP ALLAfter 20 years of CW contesting, best score ever!
YC3TKHSO HP 10MTnx fer all station hpe cuagn soon Greeting from Surabaya City 73 es 88 ciaooo
YL5WSO LP 15MTS2000 100 W + multiband vertical
YM3KBSA LP ALLtnx 73's
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