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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation and total score. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.
Years covered: Phone (1948 - 2019), CW (1948 - 2019).

All Time Score Records for World


SSB Call Year Score
Multi-One HignCN2AA201433,435,840
Multi-One LowFY5KE201614,547,000
CW Call Year Score
Multi-One HignCN2AA201333,276,270
Multi-One LowCR3X201913,295,156

Single Operator - High Power

SSB Call Year Score
High ALLEA8BH199925,646,796
High 10MHC8A20013,916,600
High 15MHC8A20103,565,674
High 20MPY0FM19943,202,242
High 40MEA9LZ20161,802,047
High 80MCN2R20061,091,694
High 160MIG9/IV3TAN1996441,252
CW Call Year Score
High ALLD4C201919,905,713
High 10MZD8X20132,423,123
High 15MFY5KE20142,475,510
High 20MFY5KE20162,428,248
High 40MCN3A20092,156,652
High 80MCN2FB20071,590,288
High 160MCN2FF2007618,849

Single Operator - Low Power

SSB Call Year Score
Low ALLD44TD200211,199,793
Low 10MFY5FY20142,257,932
Low 15MFY5KE20121,651,590
Low 20M5L2PP19941,989,144
Low 40MEK6TA2010557,370
Low 80MTA3D2005208,616
Low 160MYM0T2007125,658
CW Call Year Score
Low ALLV26K201911,822,239
Low 10MD2QV20111,477,440
Low 15MZD8W20131,839,030
Low 20MFY5FY20111,244,655
Low 40MTC3A20071,423,800
Low 80MC6ATA2008549,669
Low 160MGW3YDX2010237,511

Single Operator - QRP

SSB Call Year Score
QRP ALLP40W20005,097,780
QRP 10MTR8IG2000615,462
QRP 15MKP4KE2002466,872
QRP 20MFY5FY2013602,250
QRP 40MKP4KE2004119,520
QRP 80M4L9QQ201164,980
QRP 160MKP4KE200537,345
CW Call Year Score
QRP ALLP40W19995,024,800
QRP 10M6Y1A2001724,154
QRP 15MFY5FY2015900,740
QRP 20MFY5FY2012710,935
QRP 40MFY5FY2014502,299
QRP 80M6Y8A2002207,603
QRP 160MC6ARR2007129,480

Single Operator Assisted - High

SSB Call Year Score
High ALL9Y4ZC200314,979,055
High 10M5X1T19992,812,630
High 15MED9Z20132,120,814
High 20MD4C20172,327,904
High 40MCT3DL20141,246,624
High 80MOM2VL2019519,168
High 160MOK7K2018195,917
CW Call Year Score
High ALL9Y4ZC200414,581,665
High 10MPR5B20131,718,763
High 15MEA8/RA1A20141,857,112
High 20MEA8AH20142,014,614
High 40MFY5KE20191,543,178
High 80MIH9M20071,099,296
High 160M5B4AIA2009377,784

Single Operator Assisted - Low

SSB Call Year Score
Low ALLP40W20158,641,514
Low 10MEA8MT20141,495,296
Low 15MYV1YLY20161,379,469
Low 20M9Y4D20131,697,584
Low 40MWP3C2014423,774
Low 80MEI9HX2014196,758
Low 160ME74R201743,200
CW Call Year Score
Low ALLP40W201310,264,320
Low 10MPY1NX20121,218,976
Low 15MCN8KD20141,052,640
Low 20MFY5FY20171,348,191
Low 40MIH9/OK6RA20191,058,359
Low 80MGW5R2018458,148
Low 160MGW5R2011164,406

Single Operator Assisted - QRP

SSB Call Year Score
QRP ALLC45T20121,666,782
QRP 10M5B4ALX2014754,910
QRP 15MEA2EA2014204,600
QRP 20MMW0JRX2015201,720
QRP 40MHG1DX2010122,590
QRP 80MUZ7M201945,414
QRP 160MHA8BE201014,896
CW Call Year Score
QRP ALLDM2M20142,346,546
QRP 10MSU/HA3JB2011594,848
QRP 15MEA2EA2014437,912
QRP 20MEA8CUU2018274,014
QRP 40MOK1DVM2010362,880
QRP 80MOL4W201798,196
QRP 160M8S0DX201985,860

Single Operator - CLASSIC Overlay

SSB Call Year Score
High PowerP49Y20156,930,818
Low PowerVE3DZ20152,997,846
CW Call Year Score
High PowerP49Y20145,187,810
Low PowerP40W20145,082,669

Single Operator - ROOKIE Overlay

SSB Call Year Score
High PowerEW6W20153,240,975
Low PowerYV1YLY20161,379,469
CW Call Year Score
High PowerA61EK20172,299,458
Low PowerN1EN20132,957,306


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