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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10201OZ8XO1981SO HP 20M207   
10202UR2CR1979SO HP 20M204 11   
10203W4ZQK1957SO HP 20M204   
10204W8HA1952SO HP 20M204     
10205VE4BN1968SO HP 20M200 14   
10206U3VAD1976SO HP 20M198 11   
10207UV9DU1968SO HP 20M198   
10208SM5BP1960SO HP 20M198   
10209PA0AMC1959SO HP 20M198 11   
10210W2PXR1949SO HP 20M196         
10211OH2JQ1966SO HP 20M195 12   
10212OH5RZ1982SO HP 20M187 15   
10213W4ZQK1956SO HP 20M182 10   
10214PD1RP2012SO HP 20M180 18 1.0 
10215OK3DU1989SO HP 20M180   
10216OF1TD1987SO HP 20M180 15   
10217JA2DOU1976SO HP 20M180   
10218UA4AY1975SO HP 20M180 15   
10219UA9MY1975SO HP 20M180 11   
10220SM7DVF1964SO HP 20M180   
10221WB6MEQ1964SO HP 20M180   
10222SM5BFR1954SO HP 20M180         
10223OX3GL1953SO HP 20M180         
10224OK3YCG1980SO HP 20M176   
10225OK1XM1986SO HP 20M175   
10226CO7PG1956SO HP 20M172 43   
10227W3YOZ1955SO HP 20M169 12   
10228R1ANC2003SO HP 20M168 11   
10229JA0GZ1967SO HP 20M168   
10230W7DLR1963SO HP 20M168   
10231W8BDO1956SO HP 20M168 13   
10232W9FKC1952SO HP 20M168     
10233SP3KPN1990SO HP 20M162   
10234W2GT1951SO HP 20M162     
10235W2CKR1964SO HP 20M160   
10236W6BYH1974SO HP 20M156 13   
10237OH3QB1955SO HP 20M156 10 10   
10238W4CVX1954SO HP 20M156         
10239UQ2GDN1975SO HP 20M154   
10240UL7HD1973SO HP 20M154   
10241YO3KBC1966SO HP 20M154 10   
10242UP2CV1964SO HP 20M154 10   
10243OH5PG1955SO HP 20M154 15   
10244TF3AC1974SO HP 20M153   
10245JF3QJR2017SO HP 20M150 13 0.9  
10246W3CC1997SO HP 20M150   
10247RA3THN2017SO HP 20M144 12 0.8  
10248UA9WBO1979SO HP 20M144   
10249DM2DYH1975SO HP 20M144 18   
10250JA1AJA1961SO HP 20M144 15   
10251SL5CN1955SO HP 20M144   
10252LA6SCA1987SO HP 20M143 13   
10253PA0VGA1974SO HP 20M143   
10254OK2SMO1973SO HP 20M143   
10255W4ZQK1955SO HP 20M143   
10256W3SNY1952SO HP 20M143     
10257F9EP1949SO HP 20M143         
10258OH5PG1960SO HP 20M140 11   
10259K4BGV2014SO HP 20M135 0.3 
10260OK3TTL1978SO HP 20M135   
10261UH8AA1963SO HP 20M135   
10262W2LTP1949SO HP 20M135         
10263JK1LUY2005SO HP 20M132   
10264JA8BB1962SO HP 20M132   
10265OH1PA1952SO HP 20M132     
10266K2RTH1958SO HP 20M130   
10267W2LRJ1954SO HP 20M130         
10268VE3BYJ1949SO HP 20M130         
10269DH1PAL2016SO HP 20M126 1.2 
10270JP1BPG1985SO HP 20M126   
10271PA0LY1951SO HP 20M126     
10272Y56WM1981SO HP 20M121 11   
10273UA1CI1970SO HP 20M120   
10274VK9DR1965SO HP 20M120   
10275RV6LN2014SO HP 20M117 0.3 
10276UA6LXZ1976SO HP 20M117   
10277VK3KS1951SO HP 20M117     
10278DJ2YE1984SO HP 20M116   
10279FQ8AT1954SO HP 20M113         
10280Y35SA1986SO HP 20M110 11   
10281UA3FK1973SO HP 20M110 10   
10282SP6LK1965SO HP 20M110 10   
10283JA3TR1958SO HP 20M110   
10284LA9T1951SO HP 20M110     
10285W3LVJ1950SO HP 20M110     
10286JA1BDI1993SO HP 20M108   
10287HA5DD1957SO HP 20M108 15   
10288OY4M1974SO HP 20M105 13   
10289JA3HUL1966SO HP 20M104   
10290W6OPO2003SO HP 20M100 74 20 38   
10291OH2BCD2002SO HP 20M100 185 24 61   
10292UT4UBJ2001SO HP 20M100 50 16   
10293SM7CAB1958SO HP 20M100   
10294UT5BH1966SO HP 20M99   
10295OH2BCD1965SO HP 20M99   
10296JA1AAT1975SO HP 20M96   
10297SP9FEW1972SO HP 20M96   
10298LA3DB1954SO HP 20M96         
10299SM5LL1950SO HP 20M96     
10300JK1LUY1999SO HP 20M88   

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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