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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5201OK1JN1999SO HP 10M165   
5202JR7CDL1985SO HP 10M165   
5203SM2HZQ1977SO HP 10M162   
5204JA1AAT1989SO HP 10M160   
5205VU2JA1974SO HP 10M160   
5206DL1YA1961SO HP 10M160   
5207UA6MA2016SO HP 10M156 11.2 
5208SP1GZF2009SO HP 10M156 0.5  
5209DM3MWG1969SO HP 10M152 13   
5210JL1DBI1986SO HP 10M144   
5211SP5GH1975SO HP 10M144   
5212K6ICS1959SO HP 10M144 10   
5213UA3VAS1980SO HP 10M143   
5214W5LFG1952SO HP 10M143     
5215W5ONO1968SO HP 10M140   
5216SP2UU1983SO HP 10M135   
5217UO5OEK1983SO HP 10M132   
5218UR2RFL1981SO HP 10M132   
5219LA7VK1980SO HP 10M132   
5220UK5QAD1979SO HP 10M132 11   
5221VE2IL1960SO HP 10M130 10   
5222W8KOI1971SO HP 10M128   
5223UF6FIF1982SO HP 10M126 11   
5224JA1AAT1959SO HP 10M126   
5225JH1ADR1987SO HP 10M120   
5226FG0IKK/FS1984SO HP 10M120 20   
5227G2BW1952SO HP 10M120     
5228JA1DCL1980SO HP 10M117   
5229YO2IY1967SO HP 10M117   
5230JA7OWD2006SO HP 10M112   
5231N6OU1986SO HP 10M112   
5232VE2AEJ/31985SO HP 10M112   
5233JA1HGY1964SO HP 10M110   
5234W9QQG1963SO HP 10M110   
5235OH5OU1955SO HP 10M108 12   
5236JA1AIU1959SO HP 10M105   
5237SM6BBX1979SO HP 10M99 33   
5238SP5DDJ1976SO HP 10M99   
5239RB5IOV1975SO HP 10M99   
5240UB5EDM1980SO HP 10M96   
5241OK1ME1949SO HP 10M96         
5242UA9UR2009SO HP 10M90   
5243UB5GBD1976SO HP 10M90   
5244ZS1O1968SO HP 10M90 10   
5245F3II1955SO HP 10M90   
5246ZS9Z2017SO HP 10M84 0.3 
5247LA5KO1972SO HP 10M84   
5248UT0EO2008SO HP 10M80 0.5  
5249W0JZX1950SO HP 10M80     
5250JR1AHH1982SO HP 10M75   
5251UA4CM1979SO HP 10M75 25   
5252JA1EL1959SO HP 10M75   
5253DL9OL1958SO HP 10M75   
5254NN4RR2014SO HP 10M72 0.1 
5255UR2RKB1980SO HP 10M72   
5256OK2ABU1971SO HP 10M72   
5257VK3ABA1951SO HP 10M72     
5258YO6DDF1985SO HP 10M70   
5259YO6AKN1973SO HP 10M63   
5260OH2BHU1969SO HP 10M60   
5261JA4ATV2011SO HP 10M56  
5262DM2DEK/A1974SO HP 10M54 30   
5263BD7IXG2008SO HP 10M52 16 0.5  
5264JI3BFG1985SO HP 10M49   
5265DM2FFL1977SO HP 10M49   
5266W9YYG1968SO HP 10M49   
5267WA6DBC1962SO HP 10M45   
5268VA3SPN2002SO HP 10M44 13 13   
5269JA3XOG2017SO HP 10M42 0.4  
5270F6GOX2011SO HP 10M42 0.1 
5271PY1FX2011SO HP 10M42  
5272OH2RD1969SO HP 10M42   
5273W2NHH1950SO HP 10M42     
5274OK2SPS1977SO HP 10M36   
5275JA1AAT1960SO HP 10M36   
5276RA0SER1976SO HP 10M32   
5277XZ1N1996SO HP 10M30 K7ZV 
5278OK2QX1985SO HP 10M30   
5279G3WP1951SO HP 10M30     
5280JA1IT1988SO HP 10M25   
5281RV9AZ2005SO HP 10M24   
5282SM5DUT1984SO HP 10M24   
5283DM2AYK1974SO HP 10M24   
5284DM2CEK/DM4NFM1974SO HP 10M24   
5285SP2UU1969SO HP 10M24   
5286W4EEO1949SO HP 10M24         
5287W6MUQ1949SO HP 10M24         
5288SP5GH1976SO HP 10M20   
5289OK1ZM1949SO HP 10M20         
5290OH1XA1970SO HP 10M18   
5291W4EEO1956SO HP 10M18   
5292K2TBW1958SO HP 10M17   
5293UA3RMN1985SO HP 10M16   
5294SM5UH1950SO HP 10M16     
5295K8HTM1961SO HP 10M15   
5296JF3TMH1984SO HP 10M12   
5297UA9CDU1973SO HP 10M12   
5298RA6AFB2005SO HP 10M10   
5299UN3GX2009SO HP 10M0.1  
5300SM5CLE2006SO HP 10M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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