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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
6801K8MR/KH61985SO HP 40M126   
6802HI8CNT1975SO HP 40M125 12   
6803YO2AVA1973SO HP 40M121 11   
6804YO6LV1972SO HP 40M121 11   
6805OH1UR1986SO HP 40M120   
6806IK4FNF1987SO HP 40M117   
6807UA3OI1964SO HP 40M117   
6808SM3QJ1957SO HP 40M117   
6809YO6AAD1967SO HP 40M112 17   
6810WA4APG1963SO HP 40M112   
6811OK2KMB1976SO HP 40M110 11   
6812JH3BJN/41977SO HP 40M108 12   
6813OH4AB1976SO HP 40M108 10   
6814UA3DL1976SO HP 40M108 12   
6815UC2BB1963SO HP 40M105 17   
6816N8XP2004SO HP 40M100 73 11 32   
6817AF8C2000SO HP 40M100 26 10 20   
6818N6HY1998SO HP 40M100 80 15 23   
6819JL1EJO1984SO HP 40M100   
6820DM5GL1968SO HP 40M99 10   
6821WA8RQQ1966SO HP 40M99   
6822OH2BDA1964SO HP 40M99   
6823DL7AW1952SO HP 40M99     
6824OK1AEH1950SO HP 40M99     
6825JH0NZN1985SO HP 40M96   
6826JA0HVB1973SO HP 40M91   
6827JA4GXS1974SO HP 40M90 10   
6828JA3BCT1964SO HP 40M90   
6829OH2CD1960SO HP 40M90 13   
6830JA3SW1956SO HP 40M90 14   
6831W1RHU1949SO HP 40M90         
6832JA3YBQ1962SO HP 40M88   
6833JA1XCI1987SO HP 40M84   
6834LZ2KHM1959SO HP 40M84 12   
6835W3OLI1951SO HP 40M84     
6836JA0BOP1974SO HP 40M81   
6837UB5YN1963SO HP 40M81   
6838JA4NQD2016SO HP 40M80 13 3.4 
6839Y77YH1987SO HP 40M80 10   
6840JA6BCV/11963SO HP 40M80   
6841DL9AX1957SO HP 40M80 11   
6842SM2ALU1952SO HP 40M80     
6843JA9LVD1974SO HP 40M77   
6844W6EPZ1950SO HP 40M77     
6845JA1NYV1985SO HP 40M76 19   
6846VU2MTT2016SO HP 40M72 0.1  
6847JA1HLR1963SO HP 40M72   
6848JA1CXW1959SO HP 40M72 18   
6849W7QJV1952SO HP 40M72     
6850W6GTC1951SO HP 40M72     
6851SM3AST1954SO HP 40M66         
6852JA6BWH1964SO HP 40M65   
6853JAR3TZU1974SO HP 40M64   
6854EA5TX1988SO HP 40M63   
6855SP6BXM1968SO HP 40M63   
6856OH3XW1963SO HP 40M63   
6857SP3BLT1980SO HP 40M56   
6858SM6AFK1949SO HP 40M56         
6859SP4HHQ1976SO HP 40M54   
6860UA0GF1976SO HP 40M54   
6861SM7PK1952SO HP 40M50     
6862CX4SS1994SO HP 40M48   
6863JA0VHI1982SO HP 40M48   
6864JA2GQT1973SO HP 40M48   
6865VU2URZ1967SO HP 40M48   
6866YO9IG1961SO HP 40M48   
6867W4BXV1954SO HP 40M45         
6868JH3FTQ1971SO HP 40M40   
6869KL7RZ1950SO HP 40M40     
6870JA6AKV1959SO HP 40M36   
6871SP9GJ1957SO HP 40M35   
6872UA0LAF1970SO HP 40M32 16   
6873JA8BNP2013SO HP 40M30 1.1 
6874UQ2DB1968SO HP 40M30   
6875SM7BEO1951SO HP 40M30     
6876JA8JC1960SO HP 40M28   
6877DL9FI1952SO HP 40M28     
6878NS2W1990SO HP 40M27   
6879EP2FB1972SO HP 40M27   
6880OK1ZW1951SO HP 40M27     
6881SP9RPY1994SO HP 40M24   
6882WB3ANZ1990SO HP 40M24   
6883YO6MY1969SO HP 40M24   
6884VE2ATT1956SO HP 40M24   
6885SM4CVH1955SO HP 40M24   
6886W3DLI1955SO HP 40M24   
6887W6GTC1950SO HP 40M24     
6888UQ2GEC1975SO HP 40M18   
6889OH5PG1962SO HP 40M16   
6890JA9NB1960SO HP 40M16   
6891W1WMH1954SO HP 40M16         
6892SM4BET1952SO HP 40M16     
6893Y49ZL1986SO HP 40M15   
6894OH7WJ1977SO HP 40M15   
6895SP9GAN1974SO HP 40M15   
6896F4DSK2015SO HP 40M12 0.7 
6897AH6OZ2000SO HP 40M12   
6898OZ1GW1961SO HP 40M12   
6899OK1OPZ1951SO HP 40M12     
6900W4ZRT1970SO HP 40M10   

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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