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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7201OK2BJR1976SO HP 15M224 10   
7202KZ5WZ1952SO HP 15M224     
7203JR1CBC1978SO HP 15M221   
7204YV5DEG1970SO HP 15M216 13   
7205W0GOE1954SO HP 15M210         
7206W4CEB1954SO HP 15M210         
7207JA9XWR1983SO HP 15M209 13   
7208OH6GE1981SO HP 15M200 10   
7209W3UHN1955SO HP 15M198   
7210OH5RZ1983SO HP 15M196 12   
7211US4IRT2011SO HP 15M195 11 0.5 
7212JE1NRX1981SO HP 15M192   
7213UR2RIY1983SO HP 15M189 12   
7214JA9FB1967SO HP 15M187   
7215SM1DJI1981SO HP 15M186 11   
7216JI1JCN1987SO HP 15M180 12   
7217DM5YVL1975SO HP 15M180 15 13   
7218KN2MBX1958SO HP 15M180   
7219OH3PF1976SO HP 15M168   
7220JA9XBW1985SO HP 15M165   
7221UT5FG1964SO HP 15M153 13   
7222JA0HC1997SO HP 15M150 10   
7223K6JGN1957SO HP 15M150   
7224JA0FVU2016SO HP 15M144 0.3  
7225JO7GVC2016SO HP 15M144 0.7 
7226WF6B/72012SO HP 15M144 22 1.2 
7227JA6BFI1978SO HP 15M144   
7228W7MH1975SO HP 15M144   
7229UA3ND1968SO HP 15M144 16   
7230W3MDO1954SO HP 15M144         
7231ZL1HY1952SO HP 15M144     
7232OH2RD1966SO HP 15M143   
7233UK4FAA1975SO HP 15M140 10   
7234W9WWJ1955SO HP 15M140   
7235JA1XRH1968SO HP 15M135   
7236JA6YAF1965SO HP 15M132   
7237KN6JIV1955SO HP 15M130 15   
7238SM2DPB1964SO HP 15M128   
7239OM2BJR1968SO HP 15M126 14   
7240F8HO1961SO HP 15M126 14   
7241OH2BWM1980SO HP 15M120 15 10   
7242JE1WIH1978SO HP 15M120   
7243K8AEB1958SO HP 15M120   
7244KN7AHK1957SO HP 15M120   
7245W2EYZ1952SO HP 15M120     
7246OK3CEG1970SO HP 15M118 18 13 14   
7247OH2EF1969SO HP 15M114   
7248JA9UU1962SO HP 15M110   
7249KN6LJU1958SO HP 15M110 11   
7250OH3XC1965SO HP 15M99   
7251OZ3LI1963SO HP 15M96 12   
7252SP3AOT1990SO HP 15M91   
7253SM6DJI/11979SO HP 15M90   
7254OH1VP1975SO HP 15M90   
7255WN0GTJ1973SO HP 15M90   
7256LA9ZV1984SO HP 15M84 11   
7257OK2ABU1975SO HP 15M84   
7258UB5TQ1964SO HP 15M84   
7259JE8KKX/21990SO HP 15M80   
7260JK1LRH1978SO HP 15M80   
7261VE3ADM1952SO HP 15M80     
7262W5VRI1952SO HP 15M80     
7263W6FAY1952SO HP 15M80     
7264K4APN1957SO HP 15M77   
7265PA3EJW1987SO HP 15M72   
7266JA4ZU1974SO HP 15M72   
7267SP2GL1969SO HP 15M72   
7268W2JB1963SO HP 15M66   
7269OH2RD1968SO HP 15M64   
7270DF2RG1983SO HP 15M63   
7271ON4CE1963SO HP 15M63   
7272JA6AKV1977SO HP 15M60 10   
7273KH6BZM1970SO HP 15M60   
7274XE1PJ1954SO HP 15M56         
7275JO3EVM2011SO HP 15M54 0.2 
7276JR7ASU1980SO HP 15M54   
7277JA6YVF1976SO HP 15M52   
7278JA7MGH1977SO HP 15M48   
7279WA8EAS1969SO HP 15M48   
7280UX3IT2016SO HP 15M45 0.5 
7281JE4QJP1985SO HP 15M42   
7282KA2GIS1979SO HP 15M42   
7283SP9DTH1975SO HP 15M42   
7284JA0DFJ1967SO HP 15M42   
7285LZ1ZF1980SO HP 15M36   
7286JE1RAM1974SO HP 15M36   
7287WN7TMD1972SO HP 15M35   
7288JA7ZTI1980SO HP 15M30   
7289JA1UPO1965SO HP 15M30   
7290WN2DDR1967SO HP 15M28   
7291K4FW2012SO HP 15M24 0.1  
7292JR2IGV1988SO HP 15M24   
7293W9YCV1983SO HP 15M24   
7294OH3TA1976SO HP 15M24   
7295SM5AFI1954SO HP 15M24         
7296KA8JQX1981SO HP 15M20   
7297N6IH1978SO HP 15M20   
7298VK5NLC1977SO HP 15M18   
7299BA5FB2009SO HP 15M16   
7300JR3FXN1973SO HP 15M16   

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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