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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1TA2BKTA1988SO HIGH 160M163,6058801155 
2HB9AMOHB1988SO HIGH 160M111,2457512075 
3SP3BQSP1988SO HIGH 160M89,7121,0081970 
4IK2DVGI1988SO HIGH 160M76,7887281663 
5CT1AOZCT1988SO HIGH 160M66,4394361861 
6UR2RGNES1988SO HIGH 160M59,5205971763 
7OK1FCWOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M55,8095431566 
8UA9AQNUA91988SO HIGH 160M54,7803341149 
9UF6VBC4L1988SO HIGH 160M54,3924101141 
10UW9COUA91988SO HIGH 160M50,9303361144 
11KX6DCV71988SO HIGH 160M42,7232972225NZ8B
12YU3MMYU1988SO HIGH 160M42,0754211461 
13RB5BAUR1988SO HIGH 160M41,4754181564 
14I3VHOI1988SO HIGH 160M36,4994821550 
15YV1OBYV1988SO HIGH 160M34,9592781429 
16HA6PXHA1988SO HIGH 160M31,8064861349 
17VE3DOVE31988SO HIGH 160M30,4952561740 
18OK1DROOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M29,3703891056 
19OK3CWQOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M29,1603451359 
20UA9FARUA91988SO HIGH 160M27,047222835 
21SP5INQSP1988SO HIGH 160M25,5363371153 
22OK3CZQOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M22,4564011145 
23OK1MGOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M21,9602351458 
24VE3PNVE31988SO HIGH 160M20,0382251330 
25UC2WOEU1988SO HIGH 160M18,954294846 
26OK1DRUOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M17,5502811044 
27OH7VROH1988SO HIGH 160M17,5072261249 
28RB5IPTUR1988SO HIGH 160M16,536259844 
29UR2RCUES1988SO HIGH 160M14,688236843 
30UV3QXUA-31988SO HIGH 160M14,256233840 
31KH2DKH21988SO HIGH 160M14,2451441619 
32K5URW51988SO HIGH 160M13,568972242 
33Y23KFDM1988SO HIGH 160M12,324218943 
34KG4WW41988SO HIGH 160M12,213801643 
35KH6CCKH61988SO HIGH 160M11,6841701112 
36RZ3AMUA-31988SO HIGH 160M11,6162061939 
37OY9JDOY1988SO HIGH 160M10,845216837 
38OK1DQTOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M10,6201381247 
39K4TEAW41988SO HIGH 160M10,266681643 
40VO1NAVEO1988SO HIGH 160M10,1381831027 
41UQ2GFUYL1988SO HIGH 160M9,856200737 
42OK1DWJOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M9,3871121152 
43OK2BWMOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M8,648156937 
44UV6LIPUA-61988SO HIGH 160M8,440158832 
45OK2KHFOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M8,085159841 
46UF6DA4L1988SO HIGH 160M7,85490726 
47OK1FUAOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M7,172155836 
48KD9SVW91988SO HIGH 160M6,800571535 
49UA4HVVUA-41988SO HIGH 160M6,696141729 
50SV1NASV1988SO HIGH 160M6,204134834 
51YO8BPYYO1988SO HIGH 160M5,688155636 
52Y47YMDM1988SO HIGH 160M5,676132637 
53NA2MW21988SO HIGH 160M5,520451432 
54N6LLW61988SO HIGH 160M5,430751218WA6CDR
55OK1FZMOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M5,17596738 
56N8EAW81988SO HIGH 160M4,796421232 
57GW3GWXGW1988SO HIGH 160M4,551101734 
58Y27QHDM1988SO HIGH 160M4,477124532 
59N4SUW41988SO HIGH 160M4,158381329 
60OL9CUDOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M3,762107632 
61JR1EBEJA11988SO HIGH 160M3,753521314 
62OK1OPTOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M3,710103629 
63JH7LVKJA71988SO HIGH 160M3,380511214 
64OL9CUHOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M3,040104527 
65UO5GRER1988SO HIGH 160M2,96465732 
66OK2BQUOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M2,88666928 
67OK2PCNOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M2,856103529 
68KY0AW01988SO HIGH 160M2,726391118 
69UB5EPVUR1988SO HIGH 160M2,49073624 
70AA4VW41988SO HIGH 160M2,482301321 
71OL9CSWOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M2,27866726 
72W1ABW11988SO HIGH 160M2,14630920 
73F8TQF1988SO HIGH 160M2,08872524 
74PY1BVYPY1988SO HIGH 160M2,077251219 
75VE3HCTVE31988SO HIGH 160M2,02512154 
76XE2NNZXE1988SO HIGH 160M1,7379754 
77KE9IW91988SO HIGH 160M1,482261016 
78JA7UMTJA71988SO HIGH 160M1,28023911 
79Y21IFDM1988SO HIGH 160M1,24853321 
80Y23ODDM1988SO HIGH 160M1,03545419 
81KI6ZHW61988SO HIGH 160M966281013 
82OL6BRNOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M89741419 
83F6HJOF1988SO HIGH 160M72633418 
84OK3TWWOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M56138710 
85Y24HMDM1988SO HIGH 160M54031515 
86OL4BRCOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M48627315 
87OL7BTZOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M43542312 
88JE1SPYJA11988SO HIGH 160M3301255 
89OL1BVROKOM1988SO HIGH 160M272979 
90OL7BTJOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M24022312 
91Y34OL/ADM1988SO HIGH 160M19515211 
92JR0XOJJA01988SO HIGH 160M128644 
93OL3BUFOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M991129 
94KE6VLW61988SO HIGH 160M4111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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