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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10201UR4QZZUR2018SO HIGH 20M560.2 wallpaper
10202W7CKWW72017SO HIGH 20M560.6 wallpaper
10203YU1SFYU1969SO HIGH 20M56  
10204JA6JAVJA61975SO HIGH 20M55  
10205W1DLP/4W41987SO HIGH 20M54 wallpaper
10206JA1RDPJA11977SO HIGH 20M54 wallpaper
10207YU1AGYU1964SO HIGH 20M54  
10208UA0KUAUA01961SO HIGH 20M5417   
10209W2DSUW21949SO HIGH 20M54        
10210VK3YVK2021SO HIGH 20M480.1 wallpaper
10211F9XEF1985SO HIGH 20M48 wallpaper
10212OZ1AXGOZ1981SO HIGH 20M48 wallpaper
10213JA1BEEJA11962SO HIGH 20M48  
10214PY1CPLPY1974SO HIGH 20M45  
10215W2TXBW21950SO HIGH 20M45    
10216OZ3SKOZ1976SO HIGH 20M42 wallpaper
10217JA1RDPJA11974SO HIGH 20M42  
10218OH5PCOH1974SO HIGH 20M42  
10219JA2AIRJA21966SO HIGH 20M42  
10220PA0ZVPA1954SO HIGH 20M42        
10221DF1PAWDL2002SO HIGH 20M36 wallpaper
10222K4GCRW41976SO HIGH 20M36 wallpaper
10223SP9KDESP1967SO HIGH 20M36  
10224SM6DVZSM1975SO HIGH 20M35  
10225OH2GCOH1960SO HIGH 20M35  
10226OH6NVOH2019SO HIGH 20M300.1 wallpaper
10227W0VBW02017SO HIGH 20M300.7 wallpaper
10228W3GNW31993SO HIGH 20M30 wallpaper
10229OH3NYOH1961SO HIGH 20M30  
10230VE3APIVE31952SO HIGH 20M30    
10231F8TMF1950SO HIGH 20M30    
10232OH2FSOH1960SO HIGH 20M28  
10233W6BYHW61952SO HIGH 20M27    
10234OH8VUOH1978SO HIGH 20M25 wallpaper
10235UR5WMMUR2019SO HIGH 20M240.2 wallpaper
10236OH6IOOH2017SO HIGH 20M (C)240.2  
10237VE4AAVE41990SO HIGH 20M24 wallpaper
10238JA1ZSXJA11978SO HIGH 20M24 wallpaper
10239VE4AAVE41976SO HIGH 20M24 wallpaper
10240OY2ZOY1954SO HIGH 20M24        
10241YV5AKYV1953SO HIGH 20M24        
10242KP4DRBKP42018SO HIGH 20M220.9  
10243DL2AMDDL2010SO HIGH 20M18 wallpaper
10244JG3WCZJA32008SO HIGH 20M180.1 wallpaper
10245I1ARUI1949SO HIGH 20M18    
10246UA3AMUA-31964SO HIGH 20M16  
10247OA4AIOA1956SO HIGH 20M16  
10248SM5PWSM1952SO HIGH 20M16    
10249OK2BBJOKOM1979SO HIGH 20M15 wallpaper
10250DB6LYDL2020SO HIGH 20M140.1 wallpaper
10251JA3AVOJA31997SO HIGH 20M12 wallpaper
10252W3FQEW31987SO HIGH 20M12 wallpaper
10253JK1LRHJA11978SO HIGH 20M12 wallpaper
10254WA2JAMW21960SO HIGH 20M12  
10255JA8GRJA81961SO HIGH 20M9  
10256W5VUEW51957SO HIGH 20M8  
10257IU2LVSI2021SO HIGH 20M60.1 wallpaper
10258OH2BNOH2019SO HIGH 20M60.1 wallpaper
10259RK9QUA92019SO HIGH 20M60.1RW9QAwallpaper
10260PY7BELPY2018SO HIGH 20M (C)60.6 wallpaper
10261VE7WGJVE72017SO HIGH 20M (C)60.8 wallpaper
10262W6FBW62016SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10263JA4BXUJA42010SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10264VK5JDSVK2010SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10265RU4COUA-42006SO HIGH 20M60.1 wallpaper
10266JA1BEJA12000SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10267JA4AQR/3JA31976SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10268PY2BFJPY1976SO HIGH 20M6 wallpaper
10269JR1YYOJA11974SO HIGH 20M6  
10270JA1BWAJA11963SO HIGH 20M6  
10271JA3CUKJA31961SO HIGH 20M6  
10272VR3XT321959SO HIGH 20M6  
10273TA1CHTA12016SO HIGH 20M50.2 wallpaper
10274SM6CPOSM2001SO HIGH 20M5 wallpaper
10275KC0UUTW02019SO HIGH 20M40.1 wallpaper
10276JI1KLLJA12016SO HIGH 20M40.2 wallpaper
10277NG7ZW72010SO HIGH 20M4 wallpaper
10278W5OVW52008SO HIGH 20M4 wallpaper
10279UP2BAZLY1976SO HIGH 20M4 wallpaper
10280WA1LAIW11972SO HIGH 20M4  
10281VO6EPVEO1949SO HIGH 20M3    
10282W6PVVW61949SO HIGH 20M3        
10283JF2IWLJA22017SO HIGH 20M2 wallpaper
10284DJ2EHDL1987SO HIGH 20M2 wallpaper
10285VE6ALCVE62021SO HIGH 20M (C)0      0.1 wallpaper
10286KL7AABKL1949SO HIGH 20M0        
10286 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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