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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3001YO9FLD2014SO HP 80M209 2.0 
3002LZ1HY1982SO HP 80M196 14 10   
3003JD1AEV1980SO HP 80M196 49   
3004OK1KTW1979SO HP 80M192 64   
3005UL7RAV1976SO HP 80M190   
3006W2ICE1953SO HP 80M190         
3007YC3WIS2017SO HP 80M182 1.0 
3008SP6UK1977SO HP 80M180 14 11   
3009OH3ZN1965SO HP 80M180 16   
3010UA3UTR1964SO HP 80M180 17   
3011VE7VT1951SO HP 80M180     
3012UL7CEP1986SO HP 80M176 18   
3013YO6KEU1980SO HP 80M169 14 13 13 YO6ADP 
3014YO6BAO1985SO HP 80M168 14   
3015SP6FIK1976SO HP 80M168 16   
3016JA3AJB1967SO HP 80M168   
3017OK2BDB1962SO HP 80M168 14 10   
3018DF5AU2006SO HP 80M165   
3019LA6XI1971SO HP 80M160 16   
3020DM2FKL1978SO HP 80M156 11   
3021OZ8KR1962SO HP 80M154 14   
3022UL7TAC1976SO HP 80M152 13   
3023OH5XO1972SO HP 80M150   
3024SM5CXM1965SO HP 80M150 13   
3025OK2LN1989SO HP 80M144 13   
3026UO5OLV1985SO HP 80M143 19   
3027WA1POJ1977SO HP 80M136   
3028UP2PBM1974SO HP 80M135 16   
3029CX4SS1994SO HP 80M126 10   
3030W2ICE1952SO HP 80M121     
3031W0DD2010SO HP 80M120   
3032Y27AO1989SO HP 80M120 11 10   
3033SP6PAZ1973SO HP 80M120 13   
3034SP3IOE1978SO HP 80M117 13   
3035W9PNE1964SO HP 80M110   
3036CR6OT1973SO HP 80M108   
3037OH3NY1952SO HP 80M108     
3038UU4JKY2002SO HP 80M100 339 53   
3039DJ2AE1954SO HP 80M100         
3040JG2REJ2017SO HP 80M96 14 0.9 
3041K8EAB/42015SO HP 80M90 2.0 
3042KH6QJ2011SO HP 80M90  
3043SP1II1971SO HP 80M90 10   
3044PA0POL1954SO HP 80M90         
3045UR2RMI1985SO HP 80M88   
3046SM5GR1952SO HP 80M88     
3047LU2EM2013SO HP 80M84 12 2.0 
3048OZ5JR1967SO HP 80M81   
3049DM4QG1966SO HP 80M81 12   
3050W4ATL2009SO HP 80M80 0.4  
3051LZ1BJ1985SO HP 80M80 10   
3052WB2RNT1980SO HP 80M80   
3053OK2PDT1970SO HP 80M80 10   
3054SM0BAD1966SO HP 80M80   
3055UA1CGS2016SO HP 80M78 11 10 1.0 
3056CR6OT1974SO HP 80M78   
3057JA2VQF2003SO HP 80M72   
3058DK2FR/P1995SO HP 80M72   
3059JA7MJ1972SO HP 80M72   
3060UA0AAL1971SO HP 80M70   
3061NV4O1983SO HP 80M64   
3062W7JLU1955SO HP 80M56   
3063OZ7TB1954SO HP 80M56         
3064JR7AMZ1979SO HP 80M54   
3065SM4CSF1960SO HP 80M54   
3066UP2BDH1977SO HP 80M53 234 21   
3067WA2LCC1975SO HP 80M51 51 20   
3068OK2BBQ1980SO HP 80M50 10   
3069DM6AF/51977SO HP 80M49 11   
3070JA4YPE1999SO HP 80M48 JF3EBO 
3071SP3ZAU1978SO HP 80M48   
3072UA3YAE1970SO HP 80M48   
3073HC1JP2005SO HP 80M45   
3074DM3XL1961SO HP 80M45   
3075OK2SMO1972SO HP 80M42   
3076DM3TRF1971SO HP 80M42   
3077W4KAC1959SO HP 80M40   
3078DM2CFA1977SO HP 80M35   
3079EA5BHO1984SO HP 80M30   
3080OK2LN1965SO HP 80M25   
3081JH8DYJ1985SO HP 80M24   
3082HA5KLF1980SO HP 80M21   
3083JF3LOP2014SO HP 80M16 1.0 
3084UO5GR1977SO HP 80M15 85 28   
3085DM5BH1975SO HP 80M15   
30864U/DL4NAC1990SO HP 80M  
3087Y25PE1984SO HP 80M  
3088JH9CAV1984SO HP 80M  
3089PA0KDM1952SO HP 80M    
3090YV5NWG2003SO HP 80M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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