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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4601JA1EPJ2015SO HP ALL198 1.0 
4602JA1BRK1961SO HP 40M192   
4603JH1PHK2017SO HP 15M189 0.7 
4604JP1NFN1984SO HP 15M189   
46057K2PBB2001SO LP 10M187   
4606JR1USU2013SO LP 15M182 10  
4607JA1EHA1961SO HP 15M180   
4608JA1OHP2017SO LP 15M180 1.1 
4609JH1NXU1995SO LP 15M180   
4610JJ3OLZ/11995SO LP ALL180   
4611JG1GCO2016SO LP 20M176 1.0 
4612JM1APC2015SO LP ALL176 11 1.0  
4613JK7SDX/11999SO LP 15M168   
4614JH1HHP2016SO LP 15M162 2.0 
4615JK1WEY2016SO LP ALL162 16 10 3.0 
4616JR1VMF1973SO HP 15M160   
4617JA1AYO2008SO HP 20M160 0.3  
4618JA1XUU2011SO QRP 10M160  
46197N4HMB2013SO LP 10M154 1.0 
4620JE1GZB2011SO LP 20M154 10  
4621JH1RDU2007SO LP 40M152 0.1  
4622JP1IHD1983SO HP 15M150   
4623JP1TYX1983SO HP 15M150   
4624JA1LBZ1994SO LP 15M150   
4625JQ1AWC2001SO QRP 10M150   
4626JF1RVB1985SO HP 15M147   
4627JM1XWP1982SO HP 15M144 12   
46287K4TKB2017SO LP 15M144 0.8 
4629JA1JLP2003SO LP 15M140 57 11 20   
46307K1EQG2006SO LP 15M136   
4631JE1CAC2005SO LP 15M135   
4632JR1GWE1991SO LP 15M135 11   
4633JF3GFH/12016SA LP ALL132 1.0 
4634JQ1EPD/12016SA LP ALL132 2.0 
4635JA1BAJ1960SO HP 10M132   
4636JA1PSZ1965SO HP 20M130 10   
4637JM1YEV1995SO LP 15M130   
46387L1AFS2015SO LP ALL130 1.0 
4639JO7FGZ/12015SO QRP 15M128 1.0 
4640JE1TDU1972SO HP 15M126   
4641JQ1NGT1995SA HP 15M120   
4642JR1USU2011SO QRP 10M120  
4643JA1XZF2017SA HP 15M117 0.5 
4644JG1GPY2015SO QRP 20M117  
4645JL3OXR/12009SO QRP 10M112 0.2  
4646JR1THE2013SO HP ALL110 2.0 
4647JR1LQK1996SO QRP 15M110   
4648JA1LKY2015SA LP 15M108 2.0 
46497N1BHO2004SO LP 10M105   
46507L3SQL2016SA HP 10M104 3.0JH3LCU
46517N4HMB2000SO LP 15M104   
4652JK1AKX1978SO QRP 15M104   
4653JQ1NGT2001SA HP 15M100 401 35 84   
4654JJ1RDX2009SO HP 10M100 0.1  
4655JH1VGQ2003SO LP 15M100 11   
4656JH1NXU2002SO LP 15M100   
4657JA1DDH1961SO HP 15M99   
4658JR1TMI1998SO LP 40M99 11   
4659JP1QDH2008SA HP ALL96 0.1  
4660JA1QBG1964SO HP 15M96   
4661JR1BAS2009SO HP 20M96 0.1  
4662JA1UOA2016SO HP ALL96  
4663JA1KFX1986SO QRP 80M96   
4664JR1KDA2011SO LP 15M91  
4665JJ1HHJ2015SO LP ALL90   
46667M3RMD1999SO LP 15M86   
4667JA1EL1972SO HP 10M84   
4668JA1AAT1956SO HP 40M84   
4669JA1DEU2015SO HP ALL84  
4670JH1HDE2017SO QRP 15M84 0.4 
4671JP1TVZ1983SO HP 15M81   
4672JE1BQE1986SO QRP 10M81   
4673JA1QBG1965SO HP 10M80   
4674JA1WC1959SO HP 10M80   
46757N4LNK2001SO LP 15M79   
4676JG1FGL1999SO LP 20M79   
4677JE1KDM2006SO LP ALL78   
4678JM1TGW2016SO LP 15M77 1.0 
4679JA1YFH1980SO HP 15M75   
4680JA1EF1954SO HP 40M75         
4681JA1EFE1962SO HP 15M72   
4682JA1QI1955SO HP 40M72   
4683JI1LAI2008SO LP 15M72   
4684JF1NNK2014SO LP ALL72 1.0  
46857K1CPT2016SO QRP 15M72 2.0 
4686JA1WA1963SO HP 15M70   
4687JG1GCO2006SO LP 15M70   
4688JA1AAV1985SO HP ALL66   
4689JH4ARK/11999SO LP 15M66   
4690JH1FJK1985SO HP 20M64   
4691JG1OWV2006SO LP 15M64   
46927N1BHO/11996SO LP 15M64   
46937K1FCN1994SO QRP ALL64   
4694JA1DDC1962SO HP 15M63   
4695JK1CYF2013SO LP 15M63  
46967M3FMR2011SO QRP 15M63  
4697JA1FO1985SO HP 10M60   
4698JA1PTJ2014SO HP ALL60  
4699JR1USU2017SO LP ALL60 1.0 
4700JA1KPF2017SO QRP 15M60 0.4 

Page 47 of 49

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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