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934 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
801JS1BIBJA12017SO HIGH ALL3,7004015225.3 
802KK6ZUUW62017SO HIGH ALL3,6983820233.3  
803HS6VWHS2017SO HIGH ALL3,58449233312.3 
804K9QJSW72017SO HIGH ALL3,5674818235.8  
805K4XGW42017SO HIGH ALL3,5553015303.8  
806KE0CZQW02017SO HIGH ALL3,5523516212.9  
807R2AOQUA-32017SO HIGH ALL3,5263020234.2 
808K5IXW52017SO HIGH ALL3,4833219240.9 
809SM6RSM2017SO HIGH ALL3,3604913352.6 
810AJ2EW02017SO HIGH ALL3,32088354818.2 
811K5ABBW52017SO HIGH ALL (R)3,2834529387.5  
812MW0JZEGW2017SO HIGH ALL3,2833718313.1 
813JA8CMCJA82017SO HIGH ALL3,2644016183.6  
814R3QFUA-32017SO HIGH ALL3,2402619266.3  
815N0KEGW02017SO HIGH ALL3,2393417244.9  
816PY4MEPY2017SO HIGH ALL3,2375717229.1 
817K6SBAW62017SO HIGH ALL3,2252718253.0  
818BA3MCBY2017SO HIGH ALL3,1684320247.3 
819SM5CZQSM2017SO HIGH ALL (C)3,1504816297.4 
820EB5GGBEA2017SO HIGH ALL3,1204814261.2 
821N4QBSW42017SO HIGH ALL3,0603117284.7  
822JA0IXWJA02017SO HIGH ALL3,0363214191.7  
823TF3SGTF2017SO HIGH ALL (C)2,9704419364.6  
824JA0AVSJA02017SO HIGH ALL2,9163717193.7 
825VU2EKJVU2017SO HIGH ALL2,8703215262.8  
826K6GZW62017SO HIGH ALL2,8503117211.9  
827KC0UUTW02017SO HIGH ALL2,8323819291.4 
828JA3XOGJA32017SO HIGH ALL2,6653918232.6  
829JR1FBAJA12017SO HIGH ALL2,6102912182.3  
830KF6QHW62017SO HIGH ALL2,5764122345.7 
831K5WSWW52017SO HIGH ALL2,3313213243.2  
832JJ1ILRJA12017SO HIGH ALL2,2723414184.2  
833W8LMGW82017SO HIGH ALL2,1843015242.7  
834K5QYW52017SO HIGH ALL2,1462614232.0  
835KD0NPTW02017SO HIGH ALL2,1422511235.2 
836TI2CDATI2017SO HIGH ALL (C)2,054309173.0 
837KG5SERW52017SO HIGH ALL (R)1,9803218263.8 
838IK2OLJI2017SO HIGH ALL (C)1,9384021304.3 
839JR4CTFJA42017SO HIGH ALL1,8872814232.6 
840KE0IMBW02017SO HIGH ALL1,8872816212.8  
841W2FBW22017SO HIGH ALL1,848278160.9  
842VE3EEJVE32017SO HIGH ALL1,7922510224.3  
843HL3EHKHL2017SO HIGH ALL1,7702111192.0  
844DL5RDQDL2017SO HIGH ALL1,7102813253.0  
845IZ6KPRI2017SO HIGH ALL1,7022017202.1  
846W8MSPW82017SO HIGH ALL1,6802812182.7  
847F5MMFF2017SO HIGH ALL1,6663113211.9  
848JA1GHRJA12017SO HIGH ALL1,5301913171.7 
849JO7GVCJA72017SO HIGH ALL1,5041916160.8 
850UK7ALUK2017SO HIGH ALL1,4852912212.7 
851JA2ATEJA22017SO HIGH ALL1,4722114182.5  
852VU2UPXVU2017SO HIGH ALL (C)1,4404615307.6 
853KD2LMWW22017SO HIGH ALL1,4103717303.7  
854SO5NSP2017SO HIGH ALL1,4063614243.2  
855OH4BWOH2017SO HIGH ALL1,3942115195.0  
856K4JZQW42017SO HIGH ALL1,3772810172.4  
857JA3HILJA32017SO HIGH ALL1,3442520222.8  
858K5RXW52017SO HIGH ALL1,325248172.3 
859ZS2MACZS2017SO HIGH ALL (R)1,320209132.7 
860W4CBW42017SO HIGH ALL1,3052512170.9W2RU 
861LA6SKLA2017SO HIGH ALL (R)1,2952313224.8  
862YV4ABRYV2017SO HIGH ALL1,2922517212.5 
863KG5RXEW52017SO HIGH ALL1,2601912183.6  
864N5KOW62017SO HIGH ALL1,2321813150.8  
865N7LRW72017SO HIGH ALL1,2102210121.1 
866LU7AQGLU2017SO HIGH ALL (C)1,1402213174.1 
867SN6ASP2017SO HIGH ALL1,1402316224.1SP6CES
868NY0TW02017SO HIGH ALL1,1102716214.2  
869RA0SMSUA02017SO HIGH ALL1,0561915182.9 
870DF9RDDL2017SO HIGH ALL1,0502112130.9  
871KG5IISW52017SO HIGH ALL1,0352211126.0  
872VK5SFAVK2017SO HIGH ALL1,0251511140.3  
873KF5MLPW52017SO HIGH ALL1,0143112142.3 
874KL7IHKL2017SO HIGH ALL9861813162.6  
875EA7KAZEA2017SO HIGH ALL9611912193.3  
876KX4BEW42017SO HIGH ALL (R)960179151.5  
877SV2KFSV2017SO HIGH ALL (C)936169152.1 
878K0VGW02017SO HIGH ALL (C)9241710121.2 
879IU3FCMI2017SO HIGH ALL (C)880189131.1  
880G0MTNG2017SO HIGH ALL84024780.8 
881K5EMIW02017SO HIGH ALL8401610101.0  
882TA0ACLTA2017SO HIGH ALL840209153.2 
883XE1TDXE2017SO HIGH ALL8401510142.0XE1FXF 
884W7AUMW72017SO HIGH ALL8282211120.9 
885K8PVDW02017SO HIGH ALL8191410110.7  
886MI0AIHGI2017SO HIGH ALL (C)8162015195.7 
887AK6TRW62017SO HIGH ALL8122014144.9 
888PA3EKEPA2017SO HIGH ALL7923714302.2  
889KM6IW62017SO HIGH ALL7561610111.0 
890KJ6UVQW62017SO HIGH ALL735139123.1 
891KI0HAW02017SO HIGH ALL6901311121.1  
892N7QSW72017SO HIGH ALL69017781.3 
893W5COW52017SO HIGH ALL (C)6763411153.3 
894DL9NCDL2017SO HIGH ALL660119111.4  
895W6OLAW72017SO HIGH ALL6481611132.7  
896DL3BZDL2017SO HIGH ALL6382510193.5  
897N6XIW62017SO HIGH ALL (C)6301210110.5 
898N6YFMW62017SO HIGH ALL627171091.5 
899TA3LKUTA2017SO HIGH ALL612244134.8  
900UX4MXUR2017SO HIGH ALL588159121.5 
934 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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