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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
8901UL7TT1984SO HP 15M120 10 12   
8902OH2BS1963SO HP 15M120   
8903KN2Q1985SO HP 15M112   
8904JA6NL1965SO HP 15M112   
8905JH7HJF1990SO HP 15M110   
8906Y38VB1985SO HP 15M110   
8907JA4JTS1969SO HP 15M110   
8908YU4MLD2016SO HP 15M108 11 2.0  
8909JA3DQH1963SO HP 15M104   
8910JA6AZQ1964SO HP 15M102   
8911JK2CKB1986SO HP 15M99   
8912JA1DDH1961SO HP 15M99   
8913OH5QX1959SO HP 15M99 10   
8914KK7CG2012SO HP 15M96 11 1.0 
8915JA0AIE1973SO HP 15M96   
8916JA1QBG1964SO HP 15M96   
8917W7KOI1963SO HP 15M96   
8918N2AWC1984SO HP 15M90   
8919JA0BBM1978SO HP 15M90   
8920JA5NYD1975SO HP 15M90   
8921W9HCX1955SO HP 15M88   
8922OZ8T1978SO HP 15M84   
8923JH2GMK1976SO HP 15M84   
8924JP1TVZ1983SO HP 15M81   
8925OK1ACT1969SO HP 15M81   
8926OH3TI1964SO HP 15M81 11   
8927W1NHJ1953SO HP 15M80         
8928JR7QHV1990SO HP 15M75   
8929JA1YFH1980SO HP 15M75   
8930JA0NCE1984SO HP 15M72   
8931JA9LX1974SO HP 15M72   
8932JA1EFE1962SO HP 15M72   
8933OZ3KE1960SO HP 15M72   
8934VK4FJ1952SO HP 15M72     
8935JA1WA1963SO HP 15M70   
8936JA8AAC1961SO HP 15M70   
8937JS1DXZ/71989SO HP 15M64   
8938JH0BUS1984SO HP 15M64   
8939SP9ADU1963SO HP 15M63   
8940JA1DDC1962SO HP 15M63   
8941OK1PG1962SO HP 15M63   
8942W0TGC1954SO HP 15M63         
8943JF3EGT1984SO HP 15M60   
8944JQ3LCO/31990SO HP 15M56   
8945JA9RCX1977SO HP 15M56   
8946VE6AVU1973SO HP 15M56   
8947JF1KML2015SO HP 15M54  
8948JI6OWY1988SO HP 15M54   
8949JK1XUL1986SO HP 15M54   
8950JA3KEA1966SO HP 15M54   
8951JA1IZ1962SO HP 15M54   
8952JA8BLH1965SO HP 15M52   
8953W3SOH1959SO HP 15M49   
8954UA9MQ1976SO HP 15M48   
8955JA0GZ1982SO HP 15M45   
8956JH8SIT1982SO HP 15M45   
8957JR8MSM1982SO HP 15M45   
8958JR4DFR1979SO HP 15M45   
8959JA2HSG1968SO HP 15M45   
8960OH5AD1964SO HP 15M45   
8961OH2KU1972SO HP 15M42   
8962WB9BSH1975SO HP 15M40   
8963KF5NRS2016SO HP 15M36  
8964OK1JVT1979SO HP 15M36   
8965JR1OYL1977SO HP 15M36   
8966JA1WA1962SO HP 15M35   
8967OH3NY1954SO HP 15M35         
8968JR1GGB1989SO HP 15M30   
8969JE1RLP1974SO HP 15M30   
8970JL1DRX1990SO HP 15M27   
8971JK1ODA2012SO HP 15M24  
8972JH1OEL1981SO HP 15M24   
8973JA6YVF1976SO HP 15M24   
8974UC2BF1975SO HP 15M24   
8975OH4SL1972SO HP 15M24   
8976JA0HJR1970SO HP 15M24   
8977LA7CL1971SO HP 15M18   
8978VE3NDR1995SO HP 15M16   
8979JA9YHB1980SO HP 15M16   
8980W5KNA/51955SO HP 15M16   
8981JA1ZSX1983SO HP 15M12   
8982JR1YYO1983SO HP 15M12   
8983JA0TVA/11977SO HP 15M12   
8984JI1CMZ1975SO HP 15M12   
8985JH1MRS1970SO HP 15M12   
8986HK3SVP2006SO HP 15M10   
8987EC5CJH2005SO HP 15M10   
8988JA1ZSX1973SO HP 15M  
8989EA8/OH1RY2017SO HP 15MEA8AH
8990FK4QX2017SO HP 15M  
8991TA2DE2017SO HP 15M 
8992W6EAW2016SO HP 15M 
8993JA1IZZ2015SO HP 15M 
8994KF5NRS2013SO HP 15M 
8995DF0JEN2010SO HP 15MDL2AMD 
8996JR2AWS2010SO HP 15M  
8997VP2ML/LU1986SO HP 15M69 23   
8998JE1TTO1985SO HP 15M  
8999JH6GHZ1979SO HP 15M  
9000JH6FDI1976SO HP 15M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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