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9751 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
9501NG2GW72021SA LOW ALL2649661.1 
9502YC0NGAYB2018SA LOW ALL2648570.9 
9503KC0NFBW02013SA LOW ALL2607670.5  
9504PC9DBPA2020SA LOW ALL25610791.3 
9505DL5ANSDL2013SA LOW ALL2569881.6 
9506DG1UAEDL2017SA LOW ALL2559890.8 
9507HK6JILHK2015SA LOW ALL25510870.5 
9508UU8JWUR2012SA LOW ALL2558780.2 
9509KI5CUSW52021SA LOW ALL2529680.7 
9510KC5EGZW72018SA LOW ALL252111082.8 
9511N2DEEW02021SA LOW ALL25015552.4 
9512YD3FZYB2013SA LOW ALL25015554.4  
9513VU3SPDVU2020SA LOW ALL247139101.0 
9514KB7JJGW72015SA LOW ALL (R)2477670.8 
9515N2IWW22012SA LOW ALL2478580.3 
9516SP5BUJSP2021SA LOW ALL2409791.4 
9517PY7KGPY2019SA LOW ALL2402413174.1 
9518N7JBW72018SA LOW ALL2408551.7  
9519SM0BYOSM2017SA LOW ALL2401010101.8 
9520PY3RLCPY2016SA LOW ALL2402412127.2 
9521DF0SLDL2015SA LOW ALL2408551.4DD0NM 
95224Z5KZ4X2014SA LOW ALL240145104.1 
9523VE2ZWAVE22021SA LOW ALL23813893.0 
9524VU3UNOVU2020SA LOW ALL238137100.9 
9525MM0TKEGM2015SA LOW ALL (R)238107101.4 
9526BI4MPHBY2021SA LOW ALL234138101.5 
9527IU2DXFI2021SA LOW ALL2348761.1 
9528PA4XPA2021SA LOW ALL2348671.8 
9529KC3CODW32016SA LOW ALL234137111.2  
9530BD9BKCBY2012SA LOW ALL234148100.5  
9531DG0OMDL2012SA LOW ALL2318560.2 
9532AI6ZVW62019SA LOW ALL2288572.1 
9533KG7HAXW72018SA LOW ALL2289660.7 
9534SP6PYPSP2015SA LOW ALL2287661.0SP6T
9535KE6MTW62020SA LOW ALL22512871.3 
9536SG6TSM2017SA LOW ALL22511780.3SM6WET
9537G4MADG2016SA LOW ALL22416590.4 
9538R2RZUA-32019SA LOW ALL2217671.1 
9539KN6QW52017SA LOW ALL22110671.3  
9540R7RANUA-62017SA LOW ALL2219670.6 
9541DF0SLDL2018SA LOW ALL2208560.7DD0NM
9542KB9FDXW92018SA LOW ALL2208383.3 
9543SP8BASP2017SA LOW ALL216108101.2 
9544RW4CUA-42015SA LOW ALL2166660.8 
9545BD9XEBY2013SA LOW ALL21612991.6 
9546SQ8JMCSP2013SA LOW ALL2166660.6  
9547OE3SPROE2018SA LOW ALL21010781.4 
9548WU1NW82020SA LOW ALL20810882.5 
9549W8UMHW82016SA LOW ALL2089791.1 
9550UA0ZCUA02013SA LOW ALL2087671.1 
9551DL1KLDL2019SA LOW ALL2049573.3 
9552DL7FPDL2017SA LOW ALL204136110.6  
9553PY1IAPY2021SA LOW ALL1989562.1 
9554K8GTW82020SA LOW ALL1988560.8 
9555G7TWCG2013SA LOW ALL1988560.5 
9556W8LRJW82019SA LOW ALL (R)1968771.2 
9557N8FEW82015SA LOW ALL1968771.2 
9558SF400BSM2021SA LOW ALL1957671.3SM6CUK
9559AC3GBW32020SA LOW ALL (R)1958760.7  
9560W4MLZW82018SA LOW ALL19510692.0 
9561EW7DKEU2018SA LOW ALL1926661.0 
9562PY7ACPY2018SA LOW ALL19216881.2 
9563PP5AMPPY2017SA LOW ALL1928660.3 
9564JJ2QXIJA22015SA LOW ALL1926660.9 
95652U0FERGU2014SA LOW ALL192125112.4 
9566BD6QZBY2013SA LOW ALL1928660.7 
9567K8THUW82011SA LOW ALL1926660.1 
9568IZ1QLTI2015SA LOW ALL1897451.5 
9569DL1MLXDL2021SA LOW ALL1879890.7 
9570BV3UNBV2020SA LOW ALL18411351.2 
9571DN1MGFDL2021SA LOW ALL (Y)182239173.1 
9572IW5AKTI2021SA LOW ALL1829681.4 
9573ZS6ETAZS2016SA LOW ALL1828681.6 
95749A5YY9A2016SA LOW ALL1806551.2 
9575TB1DIGTA12016SA LOW ALL18075144620.8 
9576K4TOJW42015SA LOW ALL1806460.5  
9577JR7IWCJA72014SA LOW ALL1806460.3 
9578SQ7OTASP2013SA LOW ALL1806461.6  
9579K1OCW42020SA LOW ALL1766560.7 
9580K9ORW02019SA LOW ALL1766560.5 
9581W3FAW32018SA LOW ALL1767560.4 
9582PQ2HXPY2018SA LOW ALL1752711142.0 
9583KM6DYOW72021SA LOW ALL1707551.1 
9584DL9SADDL2015SA LOW ALL1707461.8 
9585K5WWW52015SA LOW ALL1706550.3 
9586DG1UAEDL2021SA LOW ALL16910670.9 
95877L4SCQJA12020SA LOW ALL1699671.4 
9588IZ0YIQI2018SA LOW ALL169173101.6 
9589VE3OUVE32021SA LOW ALL1687571.4 
9590AG7PWW72018SA LOW ALL (R)1688572.9 
9591DL9OHADL2017SA LOW ALL1687770.1 
9592PA3HGFPA2017SA LOW ALL16810440.4 
9593YF8FORYB2021SA LOW ALL16211541.1 
9594ES3BHES2021SA LOW ALL161176170.4 
9595UA9LBQUA92020SA LOW ALL1606460.8 
9596BG3NUIBY2011SA LOW ALL16015550.8 
9597S53XS52020SA LOW ALL15612492.1 
9598BG3UTDBY2018SA LOW ALL1569670.9 
9599PY4LDSPY2018SA LOW ALL15613661.4 
9600BD9CJHBY2015SA LOW ALL1567570.9 
9751 results found
  Page 96 of 98  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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