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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
9601JA3EQC1975SO HP 20M144   
9602WA3BTA1965SO HP 20M144   
9603DM2BEL1962SO HP 20M144   
9604SM5AGU1958SO HP 20M144 16   
9605SM4BPJ1957SO HP 20M144 12   
9606SP3SZ1977SO HP 20M143 11   
9607W4YKF2013SO HP 20M140 1.0 
9608CE0AE1975SO HP 20M140   
9609OH2TI1962SO HP 20M140 17   
9610OZ4Z1950SO HP 20M140     
9611W7JUO1950SO HP 20M140     
9612N7LR2014SO HP 20M135  
9613JA4AQR1977SO HP 20M135   
9614SP5ANQ1973SO HP 20M135   
9615UD6FA1964SO HP 20M133   
9616FK8AL1954SO HP 20M133         
9617JA1PSZ1965SO HP 20M130 10   
9618SM5BDS1964SO HP 20M130 11   
9619AP5CP1962SO HP 20M130 10   
9620KZ5OM/62010SO HP 20M126 24 1.0K6III 
9621JX2FL1973SO HP 20M126 10   
9622ZS1RV1956SO HP 20M126   
9623OH2BHZ1970SO HP 20M121   
9624OZ6RL1961SO HP 20M121   
9625EA7AAW1978SO HP 20M117   
9626SP8GVM1973SO HP 20M117 13   
9627W4UW1971SO HP 20M117   
9628JA3ADW1966SO HP 20M117   
9629ZC6UNI1952SO HP 20M117     
9630UA0GF1964SO HP 20M113 15   
9631HI8BMC1977SO HP 20M112   
9632LA4KO1972SO HP 20M112   
9633K4BGV2014SO HP 20M108 1.0 
9634JA7JH1962SO HP 20M108   
9635JR2BDF1977SO HP 20M105   
9636UR2EG1975SO HP 20M105   
9637SM5CAQ1961SO HP 20M105 15   
9638OZ4EDR1958SO HP 20M104 13   
9639OH5QX1957SO HP 20M104 13   
9640OH2BAK1983SO HP 20M100   
9641VK2RA1963SO HP 20M99   
9642SM7CAB1960SO HP 20M99   
9643SM5DLR1975SO HP 20M98   
9644JR1BAS2009SO HP 20M96 0.1  
9645IW1GGN2008SO HP 20M96   
9646VK2EHF1985SO HP 20M96   
9647WA0YSK1971SO HP 20M96   
9648SP9KAO1958SO HP 20M96   
9649SP2UUU1998SO HP 20M90   
9650DM3YA1965SO HP 20M90   
9651JA8FO1962SO HP 20M90   
9652DJ2IR1959SO HP 20M90   
9653PA0NIR1959SO HP 20M90 10   
9654OX3GG1951SO HP 20M90     
9655OH2IG1962SO HP 20M88   
9656DM3KFD1957SO HP 20M88   
9657PA0AU1954SO HP 20M88         
9658OK2SL1951SO HP 20M88     
9659SM6V2010SO HP 20M84 10   
9660OH2BFS1975SO HP 20M84   
9661JA3AVO1970SO HP 20M84   
9662W9PNE1954SO HP 20M81         
9663OH0NF1965SO HP 20M80   
9664W1HOL1954SO HP 20M75         
9665IW1GGN2007SO HP 20M72 0.2  
9666K9GDF1983SO HP 20M72   
9667SP1II1976SO HP 20M72   
9668OK3CDP1962SO HP 20M72   
9669K2DEM1955SO HP 20M72   
9670LA9T1954SO HP 20M72         
9671VK9XG2005SO HP 20M70 10 W0YG 
9672JH1FJK1985SO HP 20M64   
9673SM5BLH1965SO HP 20M64   
9674DM2COL1965SO HP 20M63   
9675PA0PRF1958SO HP 20M63   
9676W7DLR1961SO HP 20M60   
9677EA6BM1969SO HP 20M57   
9678W7CKW2017SO HP 20M56 0.6 
9679YU1SF1969SO HP 20M56   
9680JA6JAV1975SO HP 20M55   
9681W1DLP/41987SO HP 20M54   
9682JA1RDP1977SO HP 20M54   
9683YU1AG1964SO HP 20M54   
9684UA0KUA1961SO HP 20M54 17   
9685W2DSU1949SO HP 20M54         
9686F9XE1985SO HP 20M48   
9687OZ1AXG1981SO HP 20M48   
9688JA1BEE1962SO HP 20M48   
9689PY1CPL1974SO HP 20M45   
9690W2TXB1950SO HP 20M45     
9691OZ3SK1976SO HP 20M42   
9692JA1RDP1974SO HP 20M42   
9693OH5PC1974SO HP 20M42   
9694JA2AIR1966SO HP 20M42   
9695PA0ZV1954SO HP 20M42         
9696DF1PAW2002SO HP 20M36   
9697K4GCR1976SO HP 20M36   
9698SP9KDE1967SO HP 20M36   
9699SM6DVZ1975SO HP 20M35   
9700OH2GC1960SO HP 20M35   

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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