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C4WSO LP 20MThis was a remote operation with 100W. Great fun as always!
CR5KMSLPoor conditions !But Lot of fun!
CT1JGASA HP 160MOnly 160m, but I had fun
CT7AIXSO LP 15MRIG Icom IC-7300 ANT Dipole PWR 100W 73
CU9ABSO HP ALLTerrible QSB but very gratifying overall
D1MChecklogIc-718 ant.-3.5Mhz
DA2XMSHWe had fun - thanks for all the QSOs!
DB8AHSO LP ALLTNX CQ WW DX Contest QSO, 73 awdh DB8AH Heinz
DC1UHSO LP ALLLicense since 12/2016
DC4ASA HP ALLJust played around a little bit
DD0VSSA QRP ALLMy best result ever. vy73 Harald
DD2AWSO LP 20MI enjoyed the contest
DD5XXSA LP ALL1st try on allband = decent conds = mni tnx all = big tnx to CQWW committee
DF0UKMSHgreat fun and good condx!
DF1LXSA HP ALLSmall pistol - Antenna max. 7m above ground -
DF1SZSO QRP 40MRig: K3/10 Ant: 15m LW
DF5BMSO LP ALLGood contest, nice weekend, 73 to all, DF5BM Uwe
DF5RFSO LP ALLRunning low power K3/KX3+100W PA into TriBander/Wires/Vertical. Good condx on the low bands. Thanks to the many dx stations around I had an exciting time!
DF7CBSO LP ALLMy first contest with 160m activity
DF8JKSO LP ALLSunSDR2 & PA with multiband dipole
DF8VSA HP ALLJust for fun
DG2FDDSO QRP 40MThe mchf TRX is working excellent in the crowded contest conditions!
DJ0DXSO LP ALLWith only a vertical antenna I was able to work much more than anticipated!
DJ0MYSA LP 40MWas again fun, but coould only operate several hours this year
DJ1AASA HP 40MIcom IC-7800 Optibeam OB17-4, ACOM2000A, Monoband 40m some hours activity
DJ2IASO HP ALLIC-7300 100W or 300W Quad or Vertical
DJ3GESO LP ALLTS130v + TL120 + AT130 antennas FD3 (40m) or MFB23 (20m, 15m)
DJ3HWSA LP ALLUnfortunately no 15m opening here. 160m Antenna down and Amp broke just before contest. However, lot of fun on the bands. Hope all contacts valid, was sometimes a bit chaotic with the rare ones
DJ3XASA LP ALLKX3 + KXPA, 100 Watt, Dipol
DJ4MXSA LP ALL 5/13/2017
DJ4WTSA HP ALLtnx fer nice qsos
DJ5UZSO LP ALLTwice Computer shutdown
DJ6OISA LP ALLJust for fun
DJ6RNSA LP ALLlike every year: wire-dipoles indoors sloaping from 5 -9 meters
DJ6TKSO LP ALLSorry, no more time this Year
DJ6XBSO LP ALLSorry for not being able to spend more time for this contest!
DJ7PRMSA QRP ALLIf I don't get enought points this year, a friend of my local club might win a QCX from me, if he learns cw and will have more points next year! Tnx to all of you fer gd ears and patience!
DK0AESA HP 40MIcom IC-7800 Optibeam OB17-4, ACOM2000A, Monoband 40m some hours activity
DK0RAM2We had a nice time with Radio and Pizza and friends in our Tower It was our first time with the Clubstation, one of the guys has ended his CW School two weeks before. Respect to him
DK1LRSSO HP ALLFT950+400Watt PA+12,60mtr Vertikal Wire Antenne
DK3TSO HP 20MAs always a lot of fun in CQWW-CW. Even in difficult condx. CU next one!
DK4LXSO HP 40MFun partly spoiled by adjacent clicky sigs, good test for new antenna, IC7600, ACOM1000, 500w, ZS6BKW up 10m
DK5DSA LP ALLBelow average condition, but nevertheless fun :-)
DK5ZXSO LP 40MThanks for a nice contest and ufb QSOs! Hpe cuagn sn! Vy73 es gl! DK5ZX / Dieter ('Ter')
DK7HASO QRP ALLIC-703, K3/10, 5 watt spiderbeam lambda/4 verticals for 40 m + 80 m, inv L for 160 m Thanks to the organizers for the contest and all who dug my qrp sigs out of the noise. 160 m and 80 m were pretty good with low noise. Highlights were certainly VY2ZM and W1KM on 160 m and ZF1M, PJ2T, and C6AGU (just last minute) on 80 m, whereas 40 m was here disappointing. 15 m was barely and 10 m not at all existing. Anyway, too many stns which I have obviously missed even when they should have been easy ones. After a long period as f5vbt in France, this was the first try in cqww cw from my German qth. It's a quite different endeavour and feeling
DK7OGSO QRP ALLVery poor propagation for 5W & Stealth Dipole in the attic

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