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BY5HBSA HP 10MVY NICE propagation! Looking forward to the peak of 25th solar cycle
C4WSO HP ALLRemote operation
CO6YBCSO LP 15MFrequencies were introduced manually, No CAT was used. It is also important to take into account that no filters were used. The filter bandwidth of my Kenwood TS430 is around 2.9kHz. Then it is quite difficult to establish the precise frequency in my case. Also due to the dynamics of the activity
CO8NMNSO LP ALLOnce again have a problem with my radio (Don't Output PWR) I am spend about two hours to fix the problem in the power amplifier, but this time was possible restart the contest, Lost time but in the other hand I am enjoy the contest and the workbench too. jaja Vy 73 to all
CO8ZZSA HP 40MGreat first night!!!... good propagation and no QRN... second night, everything changed and I had too much QRN which decreased QSO ratings. My apologizes to those who called me and I heard. CU next time!
CS5LXSO LP ALLSetember 6 , 2019
CT1BOLSA HP ALLplease be patient, still try to copy fast CW speed, some errors may happen
CT1BWWSO LP 10MGood openings in 10 meters more than expected
CT1DRBSO LP ALLVery good contest, despite my poor antennae I did more than 800 Q’s, next year I hope to have better antennae
CT1HIXSO LP 10MIs my first contest in cw. I need to train more :)
CX1AAM2Storm whole weekend, no 80, a few qsos on 40. Just called CQ, no assist. Thank you for the contest
CX3BZSO QRP 40MThis was my first CQ WW in the QRP category. Operating on 40m, with a homemade 1 watt and a sloper dipole 12 m high was a real challenge, and amidst QRN from regional thunderstorms was a fine experience!. TU all who contacted me!. Special thanks go to elmer CX2AM for lending me the One Watter!
CX9AUSA HP ALLI exceed my expectations. The conditions were very good, static high level of activity in zone 13. I think zone 12 and south of 11 must have been similar. It was an entertaining weekend taking advantage of the stay at home. 73 Dan
DA0ASA LP ALLHad a lot of fun and fb contacts with my 100W and an angular dipole
DB5DYSO LP ALLMy first HF-CW-Contest! Thanks for all contacts!
DB8AHSO LP ALLTU, 73 awdh Heinz
DC4ASO HP ALLEverything was classic including some sunspots :-)
DC6KSO LP ALLIt was a nice contestweekend with good conditions. Thank you to all for the QSO's. See you next year. 73 Uwe DF5BM
DC8TTSA HP ALLDid a few hours this time. Happy with the results. Improved personal targets. Enjoyed it. Thanks
DD0VSSA QRP ALLMany thanks for all your patience to copy QRP. Stay healthy! My best result ever!
DD3FHSA HP 40MHAM since 2018
DD5ZZSA HP ALLI wonder where all those nice mults have been in 2020
DF7CBSO LP ALLMy goal was to make 200 QSOs in the two days,
DF9LJSO HP ALLTNX to everybody for participating!
DG2FDDSO QRP ALLK2 with 13m wire on the roof (stealth). Was fun!
DG3BCZSO QRP ALL...see ya all in the pit , 73 de DG3BCZ !!
DG3TSO LP ALLFine contest! Running K3/KX3, two Tribanders, 40m Vertical and two dipoles
DH1AKYSO QRP 20MQRP at DF0HQ site with 4 Ele Quad
DH3IKOSO LP ALLWas fun, tnx everyone!
DH7KUSA HP ALLPart time operation with lots of fun. The new 80 m inv-L worked excellent I had many JA/USA stations in the log. Great activity and somwhat pure propagation at the high frequencies
DJ1AASA HP ALLICOM IC-7800, ACOM2000A, Optibeam OB17-4 fixed to North America. Also OP on DK0AE during the contest. 73 Mirko DJ1AA
DJ2IASO LP ALLIC-7300 100Watts 2-ele-Quad 21,4m-Vertical 2x31,2m-Dipole
DJ3GESO LP ALLFT991A, antennas FD3, MFB23
DJ3XASA LP ALLKX3 + KXPA, 100 Watt, Dipol
DJ5ANSA HP ALLlots of fun agn
DJ5UZSO LP ALLSee You again in2021
DJ6DOSA LP ALLIt was great fun
DJ6GISA HP 160MFlex 6600M, SPE 1.3K and inverted
DJ6OISA LP ALLJust for fun , and back to the roots.Activty was good bud missed some rare DX about Covid19 Travel stop 73
DJ6TKSO LP 10MIt was very hard for me,but nice to work any USA Station on 10m
DJ9CNSO LP ALLConditions was good, thanks to all
DK0AESA HP ALLICOM IC-7800, ACOM2000A, Optibeam OB17-4 fixed to North America
DK2FGSA HP 40MAnt: 2el full size 40m Yagi @30m
DK4LXSO LP ALLufb conds, even 10m QSOs, IC7600, 80w, zs6bkw up10m, 3el tribander, thanks to the organizers
DK5WNSO LP ALLRIG: K3s, SteppIR, Vertical 160m, 80m and 40m
DK6XZSO HP ALLVery thankful to got an opportunity working couple of hours in the biggest event of the year. Many thanks Andreas DK6AH for hosting me in his station
DK6YASO QRP ALLY857 D - 5W endfed intensely folded under roof

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