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AC2YDSO QRP 40MThanks for good ears/antennas copying my 4-watt QRP signal from East Coast USA! Physics and nature are amazing: worked ZL, VK, KH6, 4X on 40m. Single-band operation allowed me to get some sleep! Rig: Hermes Lite 2 with Quisk S/W Transceiver. Ant: 1/4-wave vertical with 32 radials
AC3LZSA HP ALLFirst license 09-2019
AC5XKSA LP ALL100W to wire antennas
AC9PGSO LP 20MGreat to be back on the air for the first time since the birth of our first child in March
AD4ESMSHHad a great time. Best contest score in QSO's and points ever. QRM everywhere but we made the best of it
AD8EVSO LP ALLFirst license 11-2019
AE0DXSA LP ALLFirst time sending CW over the air - I look forward to improving my sending and copying skills in the year ahead!
AE1TSA HP ALLSo great to hear the bands open again
AH6FCSO HP 15MNeed a better chair
AI6SLSO LP ALLBands were wide open, lots of fun
AI9TSA HP ALLPretty Good Conditions for a change
AL7LOSO HP ALLFighting local noise for most of the contest across all HF bands. Tiring!
B1ZMSHFirst license 07-1993 Good propogation on 40 - 15 meters, widely openned US east coast on 40m
B7PMSHFirst license 11-2021
BA2BASO LP ALLFirst license 07-1996
BA3MMSO LP ALLFirst license 06-2006
BA4AEOSA HP ALLFirst license 01-1995
BA4DLSO HP 40MFirst license 05-1999
BA4IISO HP ALLFirst license 02-2008
BA4ITSA LP ALLFirst license 10-1994
BA4WISA QRP ALLFirst license 11-2005
BA4WRSO LP ALLFirst license 07-2004
BA5ABSO LP 40MFirst license 09-2010
BA5ADSA LP 40MFirst license 10-2007
BA5DXSA HP 80MFirst license 05-1994
BA7IOChecklogFirst license 11-2004
BA7LACSA LP 15MOperator age 24 1996/12
BA7NOSA HP 10MFirst license 01-2005
BA7QTM2First license 03-2013
BD2RJSA HP ALLFirst license 12-2017
BD2SHVSA LP 40MFirst license 10-2008
BD4JVSO LP 15MFirst license 10-1994
BD4LBSO LP ALLFirst license 03-2002
BD4QASO LP 40MFirst license 02-2002
BD4TTUSA LP ALLOperator age 12
BD5IISO LP ALLFirst license 05-1995
BD7BWSO LP ALLFirst license 07-2006
BD7LQMSO LP 15MFirst license 06-2019
BD7NQASO LP 10MFirst license 12-2017
BG0ARESO LP ALLFirst license 10-2011
BG0ATESO LP 15MFirst license 05-2014
BG2AUESA HP ALLFirst license 11-2008
BG2DVLSA QRP ALLFirst license 10-2019
BG2UKXSO LP ALLFirst license 11-2008
BG3HFSSA LP 40MFirst license 08-2016
BG3IYXSA LP ALLFirst license 06-2015
BG3ODZSO LP 160MFirst license 06-2021
BG3PYLSO QRP ALLFirst license 05-2005
BG3UFCSA QRP 15MFirst license 03-2014
BG4BAGSA LP 10MFirst license 04-2004

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