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DK7HASO QRP 40MK3/10, 5 watt lambda/4 vertical
DK7OGSO QRP ALLVery poor propagation for 5W into stealth dipole in the attic :(
DL0MCMSO LP 160MRIG: FT-950, L-ant. 27m up
DL1AM2Score down compared to last year due to condx and antenna damage
DL1AQU/PSO QRP ALLTRX Agronaout 2 from TenTec 5 Watt Ant Dipol for 80,20,15m , Lw 31m for 160m, 3El -Yagi for 10m Ant Deltaloop for 40m Portable QTH Ostseebad Boltenhagen
DL1CCChecklog70 .80 w amnd LW and GP
DL1JBESA QRP ALLhad only saturday. condx could be better
DL1MEVSA HP ALLI wish I had had more time. Despite poor conditions it was fun
DL1NEOSA HP ALLFT2000+Acom1000, 2*18m-Dipole
DL1RNNSA QRP ALLIt is amazing how many stations in DX could hear my signal on 80m!
DL1SWTSA LP ALLmany thanks all ops ! 73 Tom Dl1SWT
DL1YCFSO LP ALLTS-590sg (100 watt), 35m longwire, MFJ-998 autotuner
DL2BQDSO QRP 80MLog SD hand key BEGALI single lev
DL2DWPSO QRP ALLTen-Tec Argonaut II, G5RV, GP, Kent-Single Paddle, 5watt
DL2SWNSA HP ALL...collected a few new DXCC Challenge points on 40, 80 and 160m. Thanks for nice contest - 73! Klaus
DL2ZASO LP 20MTS 850 S - 2x 19,5m - Doppelzepp - H���hnerleitung
DL3HAESO LP ALLmy pleasure to participate
DL3HQNSO QRP ALL5w, accu-powered, 20m lw-ant, under roof, fielddaylike
DL3HRSO LP 40MI have had fun just to give away some Points... and to claim a line in the lower Space of the Result o)
DL3SYASA LP ALLTS-590SG with 90 Watt., Ant
DL4AOJSA HP ALLFirst time. Much fun!
DL4JLMSA HP ALLno good condx on 20-10m, 40/80m was better. Was fun
DL4KUGSO QRP 40MI'm wkg with my old HM qrp trcvr and 40m mono band GP
DL4XUSO LP ALLKenwood TS-50 Ant. MP1 on Balcony abt. 30 m up
DL4ZASO LP ALLYaesu FTdx3000-SteppIR-Loop139 Meter Umfang
DL5KUDSO LP 40MDipole up 7m only, 80 Watts, IC-7400. N1mm+ did its work without any problem. Some hours at outstanding propagation even for a little pistol. Thanks for patience with my signals
DL5RDPSA HP ALLLow bands were fun. Many people in US and Caribean with sharp ears
DL5ZBSA HP ALLTRX ICOM 756proIII, ANT A53M, Sym-Dipole 2x26m
DL6DSASO QRP 40MFirst use for my new QRP-TRX "QCX" from Hans Summers / QRP Labs
DL6KWNSO LP 80MRIG: FT-950, L-ant. 27m up
DL6UKLSO QRP ALLIt was difficult with qrp, but it was a lot of fun. Many thanks to my qso-partners for their patience
DL7EDSO QRP ALLIt was a challange in QRP but i would give it a try. Sorry and thank you for the 160m contacts. That was no good Idea with 20m wire
DL7NXSA LP 160MThanks for QSOs
DL7UPNSA HP ALLfor low Sun Spots it was good condizions see you next year
DL8DXWSO QRP ALLhard job to rock it with 5W but a lot of fun to work the "big guns" poorer condx as 2016 because nobody hrd my QRP sigs in South America this year (but hrd many PY, CE...)
DL8TGSO QRP ALLGreat contest, good conds and fair operators. Thanks and bcnu next year
DL8UISA HP 80MJust want to give some points, at the end I made 400 contact. Had a lot of fun like in the sixties. Tnx fr calling. See u agn. 73's Ben DL8UI
DL8UKWSO LP 40MEnjoyed the contest, see you in 2018. 73 DL8UKW
DL9JONSA HP ALLMany thanks for the nice contest. 73 from Heiko, cu next year
DM4EESO LP ALLTS-850SAT 100W OB11-5, R8, Doublete 2*27m
DM7CMSHTeam playing...big fun with our small CX-crew. Low bands had our preference because of a better rig. New DM7C record with more than 3000 qsos
DO7ESSO LP ALLTRX Flexradio 6300 ANT TitanDX
DR1DSA HP 40MThanks to Robert, DL3KO who invited me to be QRV from his super Station. Originally was planned 2x SOSB (DL3ASM on 80m and myself on 20m). Martin, DL3ASM must quit prior to the Contest, and me? Robert's proposal was 40m band and that was the best choice to be on 40m. CONDX were good over 1100 Ws & VEs, as well as 220 JAs in Log. No Zones 34 and 36 on 40m, still some fine Multis (RI1ANO, RI1ANC, V5/DK1CE, V73NS, 3B9HA, 3XY3D etc.) Congrats to UP0L and a new World Reocrd on 40m. His advantage on 3 pts EU QSOs were more than enough to win
DR3WSO QRP 40MUSA quite weak during the night - missing many 3 point QSO
DU3LASO LP 80MHad a blast 100 watts and vertical on 80mtr cw!
DU4RERSO LP ALLMy very first CW Contest. Hope I got all calls right
DU5HTSO LP 15MThanks to everyone who copied my poor sending - old age has finally taken its toll on my sending

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