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AA1SUSA HP ALLHad a lot of fun working this contest over the course of the weekend. Did mostly Search & Pounce with a littler running mixed in which actually got me some multipliers
AA4HGSO HP ALLNot bad for wire antennas and 43 year old Drake Radios. Beats last year having to listen while trying to get the station working after 30+ years! Great time, again!
AA4VTM2Had a great time. Introduced some long-time amateurs to contesting. 10 and 15m were great. Wish 20, 40, 80, 160m conditions had been better
AA5UNSO LP ALLUsing portable vertical antenna and fighting AC line noise from the Hurricane damage
AB3GSSA LP ALLMy first time in the CQ contest. Really enjoyed it. Thank you
AC2ZZSO LP ALL10 and 15 meters were the workhorse bands for me this year - getting near sunspot cycle peak. lots of fun and new grids on the higher frequencies
AC4GSO HP ALLLow band not so good. High bands good. Ten meters fantastic. Glad to see 10m finally open. Thanks QSOs
AD0FJMSLPortable station activation from Lake Sarah, Polk County, Minnesota
AD4ESMSHCould only operate part time this year. Easily met our goals. 10 meters was a pleasure. 10m DXCC in a weekend. 160m proved a bummer. Antenna has been problematic and did not load for the contest in spite of preparation. Did not work zones 19, 22, & 34
AD4XTMSLYaesu FTDX10, 100 watts, 40~ meter delta loop and a 10 meter wire j-pole
AE0DXSA LP ALLFirst license 01-2021 First licensed in January 2021 as AE0LR. Obtained vanity call AE0DX in November 2021
AE8RNChecklogFirst license 11-2021
AF1RSO LP ALLGreat to have 10 and 15 open!
AH2OSO HP ALLPart-time effort due to family commitments
AH2RMSHWe have rebooted to operate CQWWDX PHONE. 10m band was not so better than expected, but it was still enjoyable to QSO in the contest
AH6FCSO HP ALLReally need to get the antenna higher than 10 feet
AI4WUSA HP ALLTotal 8:44 operating time. Some of the pileups were brutal slugfests! Great to see some propagation favoring 10 meters again. Wish I still had the stamina for more BIC time. Loads of fun nevertheless! First contest with PG-XL amp. What a dream!
AI5DNSO HP ALLRookie, first licensed 3/8/21
AI8OSO LP ALLlogged on paper and then transfered to Cabrillo using B4H.net/cabforms
AK8ESA LP 10MReally enjoyed 10 meters. It was hopping more than it has been in years!
AP2MSSO LP ALLFirst license 06-2020
B1ZMSHFirst license 05-2004
B4TMSHFirst license 01-2015
B7PMMFirst license 09-1973
BA2BASO LP ALLFirst license 06-1996
BA3MCSO LP ALLFirst license 05-2015
BA3MMSO HP ALLFirst license 01-2006
BA3RAMSHFirst license 01-2018
BA4DLSA HP ALLFirst license 04-1995
BA4SCPSO LP ALLFirst license 08-2019
BA4TBSA HP 15MFirst license 09-1995
BA4WISA QRP 15MFirst license 01-2005
BA5ABSA LP ALLFirst license 07-2010
BA6KCSO LP ALLFirst license 06-2009
BA7LBMSO LP ALLFirst license 01-2022
BA7LCSSO LP ALLFirst license 11-2021
BA7LFISO QRP 20MFirst license 10-2020
BA7LYSSO LP ALLFirst license 06-2021
BA7MTMSHFirst license 07-2018
BD3ODSO LP ALLFirst license 05-2006
BD3QTSA LP ALLFirst license 06-2013
BD4KMSO LP ALLFirst license 08-2009
BD4RWRM2First license 05-2018
BD4SBHSO LP 10MFirst license 07-2018
BD4SDXChecklogFirst license 06-2018
BD4SVTSO LP 20MFirst license 11-2021
BD4SVUSO LP ALLFirst license 12-2021 2021/12/02
BD4TWZSO LP ALLFirst license 17-2021
BD4ULOSO LP 15MFirst license 10-2021

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