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2012 SSB Results Errata


The winner of the plaque for Russia Single Operator was incorrectly shown as RM3F (Op: Andy V. Melanyin, UA3DPX). The correct winner is:

Anatoly Polevik, RC9O
Donor: Roman Thomas, RZ3AA

The winner of the plaque for Europe Single Operator Low Power was incorrectly shown as Kristjan Kodermac, S50XX. The correct winner is:

Europe – Assisted Low Power
Peter Voelpel, DJ7WW

Donor: Alex Goncharov, R3ZZ


The operators for RU0FM were RU0FM, RA0FU, RA0FF, RC0F, KE5JA.


The entry for II9P (ops I4AVG, I4VEQ, IT9AUG, IT9CHU, IT9CJC, IT9EQO, IT9GSF, IT9PKO, IV3YYK, ON4LG, S52RU) is changed from Red Card to Yellow Card.


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