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2013 CW Results Errata


The was an error in the results article in the Multi-Multi section. The text stated "This is the ninth consecutive USA win for K3LR." That is incorrect. The text should say "The K3LR team broke the USA record previously held by KC1XX. K3LR now holds both the SSB and CW USA records for the category."


The winner of the plaque for World 3.5 MHz had an error. The correct listing is:

World - 3.5 MHz
NP4A (Opr.: Alfredo Velez Ramos, WP3C)
Donor: Fred Capossela, K6SSS


The winner of the plaque for World 21 MHz was incorrectly shown as CN2R. The low power entry of ZD8W had a higher score and should be the winner. The correct listing is:

World - 21 MHz
ZD8W (Opr.: Oliver Sweningsen, W6NV)
Donor: Donor: Lew Sayre, W7EW


The USA multi-multi band-by-band breakdown table shows the callsign KRF. This should be K0RF.

K9OM was incorrectly listed in the W9 call area. He should be K9OM/4. This makes N9AU the winner for SA HP 40M in W9.


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