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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5901JI1JCN1987SO HP 15M180 12   
5902JA1AAV1983SO HP ALL180   
5903JA1JCN2013SO LP ALL180 0.6 
5904JO1JKH2016SO LP 20M176 10 0.5 
5905JE1UKM2007SO LP ALL176 0.2  
59067L1ILE1992SO LP 15M170   
5907JA1OLP1970SO HP ALL168   
5908JE1TSD2009SO LP 160M168 0.3  
5909JA1BFN1993SO LP 40M165 11   
5910JQ1EPD2016SA LP ALL162 12 2.4 
5911JA1AVI/12016SO LP 15M162 14 2.1 
5912JA1CTZ2012SO LP 160M162 0.1 
5913JA9NA/11961SO HP 40M161 12   
5914JA1AAT1989SO HP 10M160   
5915JE1SPY1983SO HP 160M160 11   
5916JA1SZN2016SO HP 80M160 0.8  
5917JA1EOD2016SA HP ALL156 10 2.6 
5918JA1CUW1976SO HP 160M156 10   
5919JG1DUZ2017SO HP 40M156 1.3 
5920JE1CAC2014SO QRP 40M156 0.8 
5921JP7DHE/12017SO LP 40M154 1.4 
5922JH1DJD2016SO LP ALL154 1.4  
59237N3KVN2002SO QRP ALL154   
5924JA1ISA2014SO LP 40M153 11 0.9 
5925JK1FZR2017SA LP ALL152 39 18 20 6.4 
5926JA1IZZ2013SA HP 160M150 1.6 
5927JL1DBI1986SO HP 10M144   
5928JA1PPH1982SO HP 160M144   
5929JA1AJA1961SO HP 20M144 15   
5930JI1SHQ2016SO LP 20M144 0.3  
5931JA1PKS2009SO LP ALL144 0.3  
5932JP1QDH2013SA LP ALL140 1.0 
5933JE1SPY1982SO HP 160M140 11   
59347K4MMH1997SO LP ALL136   
5935JA1XRH1968SO HP 15M135   
5936JH1LKH1978SO HP 160M135   
59377N4CPT2016SO HP 40M133 0.6  
5938JK1LUY2005SO HP 20M132   
5939JP7DHE/12014SO LP 15M132 1.1 
5940JA1POS1994SO LP 20M132   
5941JH1OOD2014SO LP 10M130 0.8 
5942JA1AAT1959SO HP 10M126   
5943JP1BPG1985SO HP 20M126   
5944JH1OES2011SO LP 10M126 0.2 
5945JA1MNJ2014SO LP 40M126 30 12 5.2 
5946JA1BNW2016SO LP 80M126 0.9 
5947JN1HYU2007SO LP ALL126 0.2  
5948JH1ADR1987SO HP 10M120   
5949JE1WIH1978SO HP 15M120   
5950JA1XEM1996SO HP 160M120   
5951JA1DCL1980SO HP 10M117   
5952JA1XPU1993SO LP 10M117   
5953JS1IFK2008SO LP 15M117 0.2  
5954JE1KDM1994SO LP 40M114   
5955JP1EAA2012SA LP 15M112 19 1.5  
5956JH1PVJ2014SO LP 15M112 0.4 
5957JA1KPF2008SO QRP 15M112 0.1  
5958JA1HGY1964SO HP 10M110   
5959JG1LPL2017SO LP ALL110 10 3.2 
5960JR1USU2013SO QRP ALL110 1.4 
5961JA1BDI1993SO HP 20M108   
5962JA1WWE2008SO LP 10M108 0.2  
5963JA1AIU1959SO HP 10M105   
5964JA1SKY1997SO LP 10M105   
5965JM1IDR2015SO LP 15M105 0.4 
5966JH1DJD2017SO LP ALL104 19 12 14 2.2  
5967JL1EJO1984SO HP 40M100   
5968JI1FDF2005SO LP 20M100 19 16 19   
5969JA1AAT2002SO LP 40M100 21 16   
5970JP1EHC2016SO LP ALL100 0.7 
5971JA1MNJ2005SO LP ALL100 22 14 13   
5972JR1WYV2003SO LP ALL100 34 17 17   
5973JM1NMB1982SO QRP 15M100 10   
5974JA1EL1962SO HP 80M99   
5975JN1RQV2010SA HP 20M96   
5976JP1EHC2012SA LP 15M96  
5977JA1AAT1975SO HP 20M96   
5978JP1LRT2016SA LP 80M90 0.4 
5979JA1HGY1965SO HP 80M90   
5980JA1YL1959SO HP 80M90 10   
5981JI1KLL2016SO HP ALL90 1.8 
5982JF1RMM1992SO LP 15M90   
5983JK1LUY1999SO HP 20M88   
5984JA1XCI1987SO HP 40M84   
5985JK1LUY2016SO HP 80M84 0.4 
5986JE1SPY2001SO LP 160M81   
5987JK1LRH1978SO HP 15M80   
5988JA6BCV/11963SO HP 40M80   
5989JK1LUY2017SO HP 80M80 0.3 
5990JP1EHC2011SO LP 15M80  
5991JA1MZM2013SO QRP 40M80 0.5 
5992JA1NYV1985SO HP 40M76 19   
5993JR1AHH1982SO HP 10M75   
5994JA1EL1959SO HP 10M75   
5995JA1HLR1963SO HP 40M72   
5996JA1CXW1959SO HP 40M72 18   
59977K2PBB1992SO LP 10M72   
59987L1ILE1991SO LP 15M72   
5999JA1POS2015SO QRP 15M72 1.7  
6000JH1GNU2016SO QRP 160M72 21.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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