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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1HB9AMOHB1986SO HIGH 160M87,2047481662 
2IO2UIYI1986SO HIGH 160M82,3777961566 
3SP3BQDSP1986SO HIGH 160M70,4686291762 
4DK8NGDL1986SO HIGH 160M69,0126261665 
5OZ1LOOZ1986SO HIGH 160M63,7706921357 
6UL7MANUN1986SO HIGH 160M52,9383931041 
7IV4FGMI1986SO HIGH 160M46,5656081354I4IKW
8UF6VBC4L1986SO HIGH 160M46,195425734 
9UV9FMUA91986SO HIGH 160M45,2273391039 
10W1CFW11986SO HIGH 160M43,4602341963WA2SPL
11KG4XOKG41986SO HIGH 160M39,7024971128 
12YU3MMYU1986SO HIGH 160M39,3294831354 
13G3XTTG1986SO HIGH 160M39,2704031254 
14UA9URUA91986SO HIGH 160M34,9982551641 
15YU2TWYU1986SO HIGH 160M34,4724221250 
16RA3DXUA-31986SO HIGH 160M32,9133701257 
17OK3CWQOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M32,3914521148 
18UA9CBOUA91986SO HIGH 160M30,7532241140 
19UB4MPCUR1986SO HIGH 160M30,0903321049 
20G4VGOG1986SO HIGH 160M29,2803551248 
21K5URW51986SO HIGH 160M28,4761392262 
22UC2WAZEU1986SO HIGH 160M27,8403451248 
23RA3DOXUA-31986SO HIGH 160M24,7803381346 
24UA3LEO/UCEU1986SO HIGH 160M24,3603711046 
25DF2UUDL1986SO HIGH 160M23,8174091041 
26UC2WQEU1986SO HIGH 160M23,6883451145 
27SP9GDBSP1986SO HIGH 160M22,6603711144 
28N4INW41986SO HIGH 160M22,2001181758 
29OK1KPUOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M22,2003041545 
30UA9MSUA91986SO HIGH 160M20,9231861237 
31HA8UBHA1986SO HIGH 160M20,531382940 
32UA9QDAUA91986SO HIGH 160M20,007190931 
33SP9DHSP1986SO HIGH 160M19,950366842 
34K4TEAW41986SO HIGH 160M18,8701021856 
35OK3TPVOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M18,5822771146 
36UQ2PZYL1986SO HIGH 160M18,2902281448 
37OK1DRU/POKOM1986SO HIGH 160M18,207302942 
38RA6AOSUA-61986SO HIGH 160M18,0362601143 
39OK2BVGOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M17,2482481145 
40YV1OBYV1986SO HIGH 160M17,1151651322 
41SP5INQSP1986SO HIGH 160M16,8002741040 
42OH2BBFOH1986SO HIGH 160M15,550250941 
43UA3LESUA-31986SO HIGH 160M15,120268337 
44UQ2GMBYL1986SO HIGH 160M15,087275938 
45OK2BWMOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M14,9992301142 
46UR2AOES1986SO HIGH 160M14,040297832 
47UP2BNA/UF4L1986SO HIGH 160M13,913161625 
48UB5WALUR1986SO HIGH 160M13,847278835 
49W0ZVW01986SO HIGH 160M13,3301011943 
50VE3PNVE31986SO HIGH 160M12,3901411230 
51OL7BLOOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M12,328234838 
52WB3AVNW31986SO HIGH 160M10,915771643 
53OK1DFFOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M10,8002281038 
54OK2PAYOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M10,793254736 
55EA7DMFEA1986SO HIGH 160M10,648211935 
56OZ7JZOZ1986SO HIGH 160M10,5001781040 
57GM3ITNGM1986SO HIGH 160M10,2601271146 
58W4BAAW41986SO HIGH 160M9,686681543 
59N8EAW81986SO HIGH 160M9,632711541 
60W8CNL/4W41986SO HIGH 160M9,240701540 
61OK2PGGOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M9,034186831 
62OL5BPHOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M9,009223633 
63UC2AADEU1986SO HIGH 160M8,890215720 
64N4SUW41986SO HIGH 160M8,748661638 
65UT4UNUR1986SO HIGH 160M8,484153834 
66SP5GHSP1986SO HIGH 160M8,36467942 
67OK1FZMOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M8,342173736 
68UW6DEUA-61986SO HIGH 160M8,282156833 
69N5JJW51986SO HIGH 160M7,920571540 
70N0XAW01986SO HIGH 160M7,560661836 
71RB5CUUR1986SO HIGH 160M7,486170731 
72UT4UWUR1986SO HIGH 160M7,385180629 
73UQ2GNLYL1986SO HIGH 160M7,056185630 
74UA4CLVUA-41986SO HIGH 160M6,588142729 
75G3BDQG1986SO HIGH 160M6,380961034 
76OL8CTAOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M6,273143734 
77UV3ACXUA-31986SO HIGH 160M6,118148731 
78UA3DHPUA-31986SO HIGH 160M6,045179625 
79UV1ASUA-11986SO HIGH 160M5,577147627 
80OK1HBTOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M5,371119833 
81JA7NIJA71986SO HIGH 160M5,168641222 
82SP9AOASP1986SO HIGH 160M4,81099832 
83OK2PZZOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M4,788122828 
84VE7BSVE71986SO HIGH 160M4,60713698 
85LU2ELU1986SO HIGH 160M4,44078812 
86UV6HFKUA-61986SO HIGH 160M4,185117621 
87OL9CRFOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M4,000125626 
88IO0KHPI1986SO HIGH 160M3,92094832 
89UC2LBEU1986SO HIGH 160M3,91663935 
90K8NWW81986SO HIGH 160M3,876431325 
91UB5ESUR1986SO HIGH 160M3,87694826 
92N4KEW41986SO HIGH 160M3,780331332 
93OK3CSQOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M3,740571133 
94OL6BNBOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M3,616112527 
95F6EPOF1986SO HIGH 160M3,60497529 
96UA9CIUA91986SO HIGH 160M3,456108626 
97OK3TEWOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M3,335119524 
98J73DJ71986SO HIGH 160M3,07451821 
99UB5RFTUR1986SO HIGH 160M2,860130517 
100W9YYGW91986SO HIGH 160M2,754401123 
136 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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