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332 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101DU4IXDU2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,50276161811.8 
102YD3AJOYB2020SO LOW 40M3,5008113227.9 
103JH1RDUJA12020SO LOW 40M (C)3,4324215183.6 
104KR1AW12020SO LOW 40M3,4104711204.2  
105SP9BJVSP2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,40011143011.7 
106YD1LFIYB2020SO LOW 40M3,30077111912.0 
107YC7YDBYB2020SO LOW 40M3,29865132111.5 
108DU1VNADU2020SO LOW 40M3,2555514177.6 
109YD1MCDYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,159173121519.6 
110YB1HBOYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,094120111514.0 
111SP9TPVSP2020SO LOW 40M3,060925316.8 
112YB7CTNYB2020SO LOW 40M3,00081111914.0 
113YD1JEEYB2020SO LOW 40M2,97659122016.8 
114XU7AEYXU2020SO LOW 40M2,9704311190.5 
1159W2RPW9M22020SO LOW 40M2,805647106.4 
116YC9DEYB2020SO LOW 40M2,7548911167.8 
117YC8ESYB2020SO LOW 40M2,6106211188.6 
118G4NG2020SO LOW 40M (C)2,590746312.7G4ZVB
119DD7KHDL2020SO LOW 40M (R)2,5508152910.4 
1209W6VAT9M62020SO LOW 40M2,5281317911.8 
121RZ9PUA92020SO LOW 40M2,507438153.5 
122YC5KXIYB2020SO LOW 40M2,4363711176.6 
123YD0SKSYB2020SO LOW 40M2,42553101511.0 
124WA3FAEW32020SO LOW 40M2,3784811185.0 
125UA9DYUA92020SO LOW 40M2,325388238.0 
126YD0ASOYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)2,3227211166.2 
127YB4LVFYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)2,289678136.8 
128YG5YZWYB2020SO LOW 40M2,288408145.2 
129YD2UWFYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)2,16085111310.3 
130YD5PYJYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)2,1564681410.3 
131YD1JDWYB2020SO LOW 40M2,1333391810.0 
132SV1ONKSV2020SO LOW 40M2,112566273.9 
133ON5IAON2020SO LOW 40M2,108734274.5 
134ON6IOON2020SO LOW 40M2,028387326.4 
135IZ5DKRI2020SO LOW 40M1,980408253.3 
136YB8ASYYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,975639164.3 
137YB8ACMYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,9604011176.2 
138DV1VVADU2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,908578108.4 
139YD1FDFYB2020SO LOW 40M1,88570111816.8 
140YG8DXYB2020SO LOW 40M1,87294111311.0 
141YB6IVWYB2020SO LOW 40M1,848408146.2 
142WB7FJGW72020SO LOW 40M1,7682814124.2 
143YB0FYAYB2020SO LOW 40M1,700738126.8 
144YD7VADYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,6803610145.0 
1459W6MOZ9M62020SO LOW 40M1,666797107.3 
146IS0AGYIS2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,66611662813.2 
1479W8AKN9M62020SO LOW 40M1,656658107.1 
148YB1JQCYB2020SO LOW 40M1,6255510157.9 
149I4IKWI2020SO LOW 40M1,5952111181.7 
150YC4NUBYB2020SO LOW 40M1,5753611146.0 
151F4FSBF2020SO LOW 40M1,519635266.3 
152SP6RTXSP2020SO LOW 40M1,519546257.6 
153YC4PDTYB2020SO LOW 40M1,5182910134.6 
154YD1KAJYB2020SO LOW 40M1,501358115.5 
155VE5KSVE52020SO LOW 40M1,444378113.5 
1569W2YXL9M22020SO LOW 40M1,39248574.1 
157YD2BUTYB2020SO LOW 40M1,3785710169.8 
158YD0AOMYB2020SO LOW 40M1,3304771211.9 
159IW5EHMI2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,276754259.2  
160SP2HSASP2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,269494237.4 
1619M2GID9M22020SO LOW 40M1,26041686.1 
162YD5ACRYB2020SO LOW 40M1,254428115.7 
163CM8JFLCM2020SO LOW 40M1,250249165.7 
164SP4SAFSP2020SO LOW 40M1,247565249.0 
165LU1NAFLU2020SO LOW 40M1,2246711138.9 
166ZW1IPY2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,173458156.0PY1II
167YC3FTYYB2020SO LOW 40M1,159288116.3 
168YB1EIDYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1,1443110124.1 
169LU7DUELU2020SO LOW 40M1,1345910115.8 
170IU7FKPI2020SO LOW 40M1,066435215.3 
171E20WXAHS2020SO LOW 40M1,0254010153.6 
172SP5XOVSP2020SO LOW 40M999295222.0 
173YD5NDEYB2020SO LOW 40M99242131811.4 
174IK4ZHHI2020SO LOW 40M988316200.9 
175DU9BXDU2020SO LOW 40M9506771211.3 
176YD9UBTYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)9432611128.2 
177YD2NIRYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)935407107.4 
178YC5MJZYB2020SO LOW 40M931218113.8 
179SG3OSM2020SO LOW 40M925395203.6SM3AGO
180N4MCCW42020SO LOW 40M90045111411.7 
181UT0ZTUR2020SO LOW 40M850395202.0 
182YD1RLLYB2020SO LOW 40M828428105.8 
183YD3TSJYB2020SO LOW 40M800189114.7 
184YD3RANYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)76821794.5 
185YD9UBGYB2020SO LOW 40M7602610106.2 
186YC5LBDYB2020SO LOW 40M7591710134.1 
187YD0AUUYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)75018781.9 
188YO4FZXYO2020SO LOW 40M (C)690344191.3 
189YG4IJVYB2020SO LOW 40M63726584.6 
190BA9BFBY2020SO LOW 40M (R)63032997.9 
1916K2ILXHL2020SO LOW 40M62426883.7 
192YD6ROAYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)624286104.0 
193DB5ZFDL2020SO LOW 40M (C)620373174.4 
1949M4CCB9M62020SO LOW 40M61243576.69W6XXB
195KC9GHAW92020SO LOW 40M61122762.3 
196OH5UQOH2020SO LOW 40M588304172.9 
197YD2BISYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)58523693.3 
198YD1AMIYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)580428127.2 
199IK7LVEI2020SO LOW 40M575314195.4 
200YC9JKTYB2020SO LOW 40M55245577.8 
332 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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