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2E1FVSSA LP ALLIt wasn't a serious effort from me, I did manage to finish off my WAZ on 40M, and bag a few new DXCC. tnx to the organisers and to all those who didn't give up on my weak sigs. 73
4K6FOSO LP 15MIC-746pro,100watts,vertical GP.Best wishes to all and best 73!
4K8MSO LP ALLIC-7410+GP antenna
4O4SMSO QRP ALL2W/28Mhz, 2W/21Mhz, 5W/14MHz, 4.5W/7Mhz
4U1GSCSO HP ALLManaged to install 160m antenna and put 4U1GSC on the air full 48 hours. Great fun, despite the CME effect on propagation on all bands. Sleeping is for non-contesters! 4U1GSC (9A3A/E73A op)
5T0SPSO LP ALLWe arrived to our QTH on Saturday afternoon when the contest was running for many hours. After setting up first station we decided to play in the contest. It was very limited operation, as antennas were shared with other 5T0SP operation positions. However it was a great pleasure to operate and give new multiplier to so many stations
5X1NHSO LP 15MGreat contest - 15m mostly in good shape. Some selfish operating by Southern Europeans. Too many bad signals from Europe - no excuse. Great to work 37 zones - but not my own!
6V7VMSHRIG(s): Two K3's + Expert 1K, ACOM 1011; ANTENNA(s): 10/15/20m 3 el Yagi, 4xsquare 40m, Titanex vertical 80/160m,RX ANT Hi-Z
7K1CPTSO QRP ALLRig K3 power 5-Watts Ant Dipole 10mh QTH Wako-city Saitama-pref. JAPAN
9A1AMMOn November 24th from 1313 to 14222UTC we noticed failure of station on 40m causing higher 2nd harmonic. Problem was solved with replacement of FT1000MP with another one
9A3JHSO QRP 40MTX/RX: K2 Elecraft PWR: 5 W ANT: verticals + wires AGL: 0m ASL:270m
9A3LNSA LP 40MBeautiful fun with Icom IC-746 and vertical
9A3TYSO QRP 10MMaximum power used 5W
9A3ZCSO LP ALLTranceiver: Yaesu MP-1000 Mark-V Field
9A7DCKSO LP ALLPWR 100W; Dipol inv. V; 25m RG-59
9M2BDXSO LP 15MThank you for the efforts over the contest organization!
9M2JKLMSHThank you for organizing the contest every year. :-) See you in 2013!
9M8YYSO HP 15MAll logs except 15M are only for Check-log
A65BRSO HP 40MPartial time operation
AA3KM2A Multi-Two Distributed effort between myself and my good friend and W3CC who - until recently - lived less than 500 feet from me. We have done a number of Multi-Two efforts and decided to try again in the XTREME category
AA4Q/7SO LP ALL100W max, ground mounted wire vertical antenna
AA6KSA LP ALLConditions were OK but not as good as last year
AB1QPSA HP ALLGreat Activity despite high A numbers
AC8APSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun. I did not have time to really work this one the full amount of time. I met one of my goals and exceeded another. Conditions seemed pretty good from my location. 73 Alan AC8AP
AD4ESMSHBest score ever for AD4ES. Great team work. All had lots of fun
AE5XSA HP ALLA lotta fun - now a year to wait till the next one! Good levels of activity and lots of rare DX on the air
AK7OSO LP ALLThank you for the fun DXing!
BA1SNSA LP 15MRig:IC7000, Ant:Inv VDP @4mh
BA7JSSO HP 160MCha Mountain, Foshan City
C4ZSO LP 10MVery enjoyable, plenty of activity and DX. Downside was band closing very early, well before sunset. Only 17 useful hours over the 2 days. With low power it was great to log almost 600 q's in a 4 hour run. Cndx were better on first day, made an error running eu too long on Saturday, band died before I could s&p carrib/usa, so I am disappointed with mlts to the west. I missed zones 1, 2, 3, 6, 34(was anybody there?) & 40. I guess Northerly stns had a tough time on this band. I heard only z2 who was very weak here. Does every male citizen in DL have a ham licence? They just kept coming and coming, they were endless, thanks guys. Not too many dirty or wide sigs this time, folks are learning!
C5AMMEven worse interference from something industrial or HV line... device from 270 deg often well over 59. Due to that probably our last operation operation from C5A. Our "field day" setup could not really compete with big gun stations like D4C - our congratulation. Will meet next year from somewhere for sure !
C6AQQSO LP ALLHad fun, carrying everything on the plane is getting rougher with age!
CO8DMSO QRP 40MIt is my second time with SDR in CQWW contest. Very nice radio. Lot of fun. Nice propagation. CQWW is the best contest...See you in the next
CR2XSO HP ALLA fantastic experience! Thanks to the Radio Arcala team
CR6TSO HP 20MMY 11th CQWWCW from Portugal! Tnx to CT1DVV, CT1ESV, CT1YQM & Family
CT3ASSO LP 10MSorry no reliable Internet with me on Madeira. So had to transfer the file when back in DL!
CX7COSA HP 10MBetter condx on Saturday. Wonderful contest as usual
D3AASO HP ALLICOM-7600, PA ALS-500M (300 wtts), 2 el Quad, GP, Inv.Vee
DC4ASA HP 15MHello Murphy !
DC9ZPSO HP ALLTNX and Vy 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP
DD0VSSO QRP ALLSince more than 30 year my dream - first participation in CW. 40wpm is really challenging for me, ed9z for instance
DD1JNSA HP ALLIC7700 Acom 1000 hor. Loop
DD7NTSO LP ALLDid it just for fun and to test my equipment
DF1LXSA LP ALLTS850S, G5RV - Delta Loop 20n, 10m up - N1MM logger
DF4XXSO HP ALLgood condx in north DL. see you next year again. 73,Kurt
DF5RFSO QRP ALLGood fun with my QRP SO2R setup: KX3, K2 Ant: 3ele, Dipole, Vertical
DH5YMSA LP ALLmy first CQ-WW-CW, just some hours but was a great fun


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