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3B9HASO HP ALLWire antennas on Spiderbeam poles, K3 and SPE 1.3K amp at 800w amp failure on 160 sadly, condx and score very similar to 2016
4K6FOSO LP 80MTNX all best 73 cu Used IC-745 100 wats, only GP antenna 80m
4O4SMSO LP ALLTS440s, DELTA LOOP 84m/now 6m up Keyer K16(K1EL), Begali Simplex Basic Iambic paddle, 600m/asl
4O7CCSA HP ALLK3 TRX, PAEXPERT 1K-FA, vertical BigIR and LW on 160 m. on the Adriatic sea coast
4U1GSCSO LP ALLPart time, limited antennas, mainly remote operation. FlexRadio and Maesro potential may allow a new possibility for contesting with remote locations or allowing access to your setup whilst away for whatever reasons. Ivo I7/9A3A,E73A
4X1KSSO QRP ALLEnjoyed working QRP this year. Tiny signal = lots of fun
5P1BSA LP ALLJust a test log
6W1SUSO HP ALLThank you Ron 6W1SU, for your hospitality and the use of your station. This was my first visit to Africa, and working this contest was a huge highlight
7K1CPTSA LP ALL50W output Dipole QTH
7K1DPESO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1JFMSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1VKUSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K2PZGSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K3OZQSO LP 15MI enjoyed the contest
7K4AEASA LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. But block my QSO by JA1ZGP His ope is no manner
7K4XNNSO LP 15MThank you for the nice contest
7L1DSTSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L3SQLSA HP 10MThank you very much for very nice contest
7L4FCNSA LP 40MI joined this contest for the second time. IC-7000M, 50W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7M4AOESO HP 80MI enjoyed the contest
7N4GIBSA HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7N4QCQSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
8J2YAF/2M2I enjoyed the contest,Thank you. 8J2YAF is Special Callsign for Club start 60years anniversary
8P2KSO LP 40MSingle vertical worked great!
9A1AMMDuring Contest we noticed appearance of selfspoting impututation to 9A1A team members.Selfspoting was mainly imputed to 9A5W,in smaller portion to 9A9A and some other team members. We declare that no one 9A1A team member made any spot of 9A1A. Our witness is IK2QEI CQ WW DX Contest Committee Member who participated with us in this contest.On Monday November 27th we had sent this information by e-mail to you
9A5YMSHFun fun fun :) Cu agn
9M6/NR1JSO HP ALLGreat conditions!
9V1KGSO LP 15MThanks for the contest. Rig - linear loaded dipole on balcony, 100W
9V1OWSO LP ALLFirst participation to CQ-WW-CW after Moving to 9V land in 2017
9V1XXSA LP 15MFT-897 100W DP
AA4LRSA HP 80MEnjoyed getting on and handing out a few Qs the first night
AA8TASA LP ALLTough going for a little station. Europe was hard to hear especially the first day
AB5XMChecklogElev 19' wire vertical @ 29', 3 counterpoise wires 2 10'
AC9PGSO LP 20MMy first CQWW CW in over 7 years
AD4TJSO HP ALLSome stations do not give their call often enough!!!
AE3JSO QRP ALLOperated from salt marsh @ Port Penn Delaware with vertical antennas mounted in the Delaware Bay
AE6JVSO LP ALLI'm learning to copy calls by ear
AF3ZSO LP ALLTnx for enjoyable cw! Good, interesting condx here
AH2RMSH10 meter condx was worst in the past 20 years. We wish it will be better in 2018
AH7USO QRP ALLMy new antenna is working great! Glad to have those openings on 10 and 15 as well
AI4VESO QRP 20MTwo hours on 20m with K2/10 at 5W and attic dipole. FUN! - Will, AI4VE
AL7LOSO HP ALLLots of local RFI this weekend, but suffered through it!
AT5MSO HP 15MFT - 2000D; HEX BEAM; 200W Problems & Family Event issues during contests continue unabated!! Late start on Day 1 and an un-anticipated family event requiring mandatory attendance on Day 2 ate into quality operating time. Any chances of recovery on the second evening was lost due to a grid power interruption for most of the evening on Day 2. Target is a better antenna setup up for low bands - especially 40m - planned for 2018
BD7LNISA LP 20M 12/30/2014


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