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2E0GUISO LP 40MFirst time in this contest
2E0LJZSO QRP 40MQCX CW KIT, 3w output from Nicad
4E1ASO LP ALLTnx for the contest - enjoyed it
4K6FOSO LP ALLUsed Kenwood TS590S Radio 3el wire beam up only 6m over the ground and Vertical antennas
4O/E73ASO LP ALLShort activity from 4O using Flex remote
4U73BSA HP ALLRemote part time activity from 4U1GSC station. Also QRV as 4O/E73A
4X1KSSA HP ALLLots of atmospheric noise on 80m...weather in the area
4Z4UOSO QRP 15MNice Contest
5P8XSA HP ALLK3, Beam antennas 80 - 10m and Vertical on 160m Tnx to Henning OU2I for all expert help My first CQWW CW contest
5U9AMOSO LP ALLStation FT-991 with wire antennas only. I get very high local noise on the evening which make the low bands QSOs are very difficult and even impossible on 160m. 5U9AMO is not an easy call to be copied during a contest, i often had to repeat it several time to be correctly understood
5X1XAChecklogVery noisy city-centre location. 15m propagation poor here in Uganda
5Z4LSSO LP 20MStation at Langata, Nairobi, Kenya Propagation very patchy! Real struggle
6V7AM2We had a lot of antenna work for 6 days before the contest. We were tired during the contest but we certainly had more fun. Two guys is not enough to share the tasks and the fun in M/2 !
6Y3TM2Many thanks to Josh and Jenny Walker for their tremendous hospitality
7K1CPTSA HP ALLQTH Kasumigaura-city Ibaraki-pref
7K1JFMSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. I have operated in JA2 area
7K3PCISO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4AEASA LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. QRV Only 25Nov QRV 13 hours
7L4FCNSA LP 40MI enjoied this contest. TNX ! IC-7000M, 50W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7M2ALZSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7M4AOESO HP 40MI enjoyed the contest
7N2CQSSO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest
7N2TRMSA LP ALLCondx for NA was good
7N4GIBSA LP ALLI pleasant the contest
8Q7JXSA LP 20MNot good condition. Heavy noise
9A4WYSA HP 40Mftdx-5000mp 2el. vert. + 2 el. wire beam
9G2HOSO LP 10M1st contest by 9G2HO
9L1YXJSA HP ALL200W to mil-whip vertical
9M2SDXMSLFT991, vertical antenna, battery
9M2TDXSO LP 40M43415
9V1XXSA LP 40MFT-897 100W DP Entry for 40m Single Band
A35EUM2A token effort from Tonga, thanks for the QSO's. GL to all... 73
A61QQSA HP ALLDoing Formula 1 car racing and CQWW CW on the same wewekend is SO2R at its best. There are lot of similarities between these two...it all start with a driver and culminates on the equipment -- better the engine faster you go!
A71EMSA HP 40MI had fun during this past weekend in CQWW CW 2018 the first night went smoothly and I was going well but in the next day due of the strong wind and rain with big storm something went wrong with the antenna & the amp can't go over 200w so I had to continue per foot Run& work some Mults. In any case it was real fun , thank you all for QSOs and I am sorry for those who I did not have a QSO with them. vy 73 Juma , A71EM
AA4SDSA LP ALLNot much time due to other commitments. Great ops fun contest
AA6XASA LP ALLUnlike last year, I was able to hear EU stations!
AB5ZA/7SO LP ALL20-100 Watts, all wire antennas (12) at 28-39 Ft. AGL. DN35rw, 5430 MSL
AC4GSO HP 160MBand condx on 160m to EU good first night of contest, but not so good second evening. Fighting noise at my QTH. Glad operated SOSB 160m for the first time. Missed many for not staying up late, but strep throat illness was persistent and needed my sleep. Thanks all contacts
AC8APSO HP ALLI was not going to be able to operate for the whole contest, only a few hours, so I ran high power this time
AH2RMSH10m condition was much worse than expectation. We hope next year will be better than this year
AJ8BSA HP ALLGreat Fun, High noise here...361 days until next one
AT3ASA HP ALLGreat fun. Hours of work on the roof seemed to pay off
BA2BISA LP 40MSupport from BG2CX BG2DO BG2AG
BD7OBChecklogZS-1,100W amp, LW&VERT ant
BX3AASO LP ALLRIG: ICOM IC-736 about 80W ANT: 2EL GEM QUAD for 10m and DP Operator's License: Taiwan 1st class Very fun contest. Thanks for all . GL
C44CSA HP ALLAbsolutely dire condx on 15m
C6AQQChecklogMany errors in log and reduced run rates--keyboard often frozen from RF. Otherwise, had much fun from beautiful / scenic Nassau Bahamas


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