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2E0GXQSA LP ALLFirst Licended 27 October 2018
4F2KWTSO LP 160MMixed with working new DX during daylight + points to high band contesters
4F3BZSA LP 15MOperated on the second day only, but it was still fun!
4K6FOSO LP 160MUsed Kenwood TS590S Radio, Vertical antennas
4U25BSA HP ALLSpecial callsign to mark 25 years of UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy. As always, CQ WW generates a lot of fun, Flex+PGXL remote access is real activity booster
5U9AMOSO LP ALLStation FT-911 with wires antennas. Getting long distance QSOs on 80m and 160 meters is very hard from Africa with 100 watts and mall antennas. The final score is a bit better than last year
6V7AM2More than 3 hours of partial or total power outage reduced our score expectations by 1 or 2 million points. First time ever 1000 QSOs on 80m from this location. The band was in great shape the 1st night. One more great contest from zone 35
7K1CPTSO LP ALLQTH Nishi-ku Saitama-city Saitam Portable operate. Built Dipole on the Riverbank and QRV
7K1JFMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. I have operated in JA2 area
7K4AEASO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L1DSTSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L3PFHSA QRP 80MI think Condx was bad
7L4FCNSA LP 20MI enjoied this contest. TNX ! IC-7000M, 50W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7M3URLSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7N2CQSSO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest
8J7MSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
8Q7XXSO LP ALLGreat Contest from this part of the world with just one short wire in a tree and 50w, enjoyed it very much
9A2KISO LP 80Mnice time with no very good conditions
9A3LYLSA LP ALLFirst licensed 17.07.2019
9A5MPV/PSO LP ALLYOUKITS HB1-A+amp 20W, Ant LNR EF 40/20, Ex-Yu army key TS-4. First time participating, nice tst. 73, Vlado
9G2HOSO LP 10MFT-600/80W and Dipole
9M2SAFSO HP ALL9052019
9V1XXSA LP 40MIC-7300 DP
AA0OSO LP ALLLicensed Nov 2017
AB0SSA HP ALLK3, KPA500, HF9V vertical
AB2TBSO LP ALLI was able to work some new DXCC entities this time. Thanks!
AC4GSO HP ALLThanks QSOs! Spent more time on 160m. Thanks for a few new top band countries! Missed 15m on Saturday and not much Sunday. Also, nothing on 10m this contest
AC8APSO HP ALLI was not able to spend the whole time in the contest but had a great time. Didn't log any on 10 meters though
AD0YMSO LP ALLHad just a couple hours to operate. Hope to schedule better next time
AD4ESMSH1st operation from new QTH with 2 towers. Amp and tallest tower (80m-10m) went dead Friday afternoon. Built an 80 inverted V on Saturday and made 199 Q's. The standby AL-572 amp bailed us out. This was like a 48 hour field day event! 2nd best ever for an AD4ES station
AE5XSO HP ALLHad a good time using the RGO One. Lots of fun, plenty activity
AE8TFSO LP ALLThanks for the fun contest - first time my claimed score exceeded 100K!
AF6NSA LP ALLGreat contest again
AF9WSA LP ALLDidn't have a lot of time to operate but had fun while I was on the air. I need to improve my antennas to Europe. FB signals into Japan and South America
AH2RMSHOur score is better than the last year's one even though we operated only 44 hours and the minimum number of multi-operators
AH6FCSO LP ALL...antenna challenged
AK1MDSA HP ALLDate 09-05-2018
AL7KCSA HP 40MFirst time participant! In over my head, but broke some personal limits
BD7ODGSO LP ALL 10/22/2019
BG6GQESO LP ALL2019.07.31
BI8CZMSO LP ALL 2/27/2019
BX2AGVSA LP ALLLicense date:2019/06/17


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