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4I1EBCSO HP 10MLicensed 8/27/2019
4K6FOChecklogVery Happy to participate in cq ww after long time, big thanks all and 73
4U75BSA HP ALLSpecial call sign to mark 75th anniversary of UN. Noise on low bands first time was S9 across all bands, Sat/Sun evenings much better, allowing some extra DX stations in the log
7K1CPTSO QRP ALLPower 5W QTH Saitama-city Saitama-pref. Portable operate. Built Dipole and Delta LOOP on the Riverbank and QRV
7K1IIISO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest
7K1JFMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. I have operated in JA2 area
7K3BKZSA HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4AEASA HP 20MI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4XNNSO LP 20MI enjoyed with the contest
7L1DSTSO QRP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L2LEGSA QRP 20MIC-705. Battery friendly radio. Use multiple lines if needed
7L3SQLSA QRP 20MThank you very much for very nice contest
7L4FCNSA LP 20MThis year also I enjoied this contest. TNX ! TS-570SG, 60W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7M4AOESA HP 15MI enjoyed the contest
7M4CTMSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7N2CQSSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7N2TRMSA LP ALLI have enjoyed DX contest
9A5CWSA LP ALLThanks for the QSO's, 73 Patrik 9A5CW
9A5FMSO LP ALL73 de 9a5fm !
9A5MPVSA QRP 15MNice test, 73 Vlado
9A5YMSHBiiig fun as usual, tnx fer this event
9A9CWSO LP 10M73
9A9JSA LP 40MIC-7000 and Vertical
9G5FISA LP 15MIC-7300, 4 element Yagi, UCX Log
9H1PISA LP ALLLow Power with wire antennas. Operated for 31 hours from my QTH. Conditions were just right enough to run some good runs while enjoying some good pile-ups and a couple of new ones as well. As an old man would say, I needed more multipliers !
9M2SAFSO LP ALL9/5/2019
AA3KSA HP ALLWow nice to see the sun warm up the bands. It let people spread out and offered a lot of opportunities to work stations
AA4VTSA HP ALLNice conditions for 80, 40, 20, 15 meters. I am pleased with my results for only operating a little over 5 hours
AA6AASA HP ALLObjective was to work as many mults as possible (with assistance) but operate at my own pace with plenty of time for sleep and not interested in the overall score. Number of Qs was a low priority, though did some running when new mults were slow. Condx from 7 MHz and up were great, especially the long openings to most parts of the world on 15M and 10M. SFI at 110 didn't hurt. :-) 160M and 80M were disappointing. Fantastic opening before sunset on 40M to Middle East and Europe near the end of the contest
AA8CLSO LP ALLGot on the air but barely got out of the country. Lots of road blocks this year, Antenna, RFI, Home remodeling and work. Already looking forward to next year
AB4PPSO LP ALLHave not done a long contest in a while. 10 and 15 opened and were full of contacts. Low power and did very well in my opinion. Conditions just were not optimal but, I had a great time. Have no idea how many CWOPS I worked // AB4PP
AB5XMChecklogThanks for the contest!! Elevated 19' wire vertical @ 31', 3 counterpoise wires are 12'
AB7ESO HP 10MOperation was cut short after less than an hour. My 28 MHz RF was affecting the ISP that uses my tower to provide internet service in the area. I told him he needs to get this fixed before the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. It's his problem, not mine
AC2YDSO QRP ALLMany thanks to all the the good ears (and antennas) copying my 2-watt signal from East Coast USA!! First time participating great contest! Rig: Softrock RXTX Ensemble, Quisk S/W xcvr, 1/4-wave fan vertical, 32 radials
AC4GSO HP ALLGlad to see 10m open for a little while and 15m open every where for a change. Made less QSos on 20m which was surprise, but a least more than 10m. 160m had deep long QSB the first nightso good propagation the second night, and the third night with daylight savings time gone, propagation not so good, but able to make QSOs to Europe. Many on the bands which make things Heard a few BYs on Sturday evening on 20m, but able to make only a couple of QSos. Fun as usual, and thanks for all kept faulting, so I had to figure it out and lost time. The issue again was the coax lightning protectors shorting to ground. When I removed the coax and used direct coax feeds, all worked well. Was not able to make change until Sunday after I got fed up with the sudden amp fault-outs. After changing, amp worked great
AC6ZMSA HP ALLGreat conditions and plenty of DX to work in all directions of the compass. My first time operating SO2R in this event. I was happy with my performance
AC9EZSA LP ALLFantastic conditions on 10 and 15 meters! 73 de Jim ac9ez
AC9PGSO LP 15MGreat fun as always. Put up an elevated quarter wave vertical with 4 radials to try and beat my score from 2018. More than tripled it so very happy. Was better to JA on Saturday evening local time and better to EU on Sunday morning. Lots more to learn about Midwest propagation. 73 AC9PG (M5FUN)
AD4ESMSHGreat weekend for contesting. 20 meters was less than expected and
AH6FCSO HP ALLSmall antennas and slow CW speed, hi hi . Better next year!
AI1TTSA LP 15MAI1TT - Aquidneck Island Transmitting Team
AI9TSA HP ALLLots of folks in this contest. Nice to hear!
BD7NQASA LP ALL12/15/2017
BD7ODGSO LP ALLlicenced in 2019
BG2KAJSO LP 20MA rush contest
BG8KFPSA LP ALL5/28/2019


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