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2E0INNSA LP ALLI love this contest. Great onditions and made some great contacts. FTDX 5000 with a butternut HF9V multiband vertical
2E0WPMSA LP ALLFirst license 06-2021
2I0WLZSO LP ALLFirst license 02-2020
3D2USUSA HP 20MRemote from Fiji (Thanks Dom!). A great experience and an eye-opener to a European to see how difficult it may be for a dx station to attract attention of a big gun during a pile-up they usually enjoy
4E1AGWSO LP ALLusing kenwood ts 468s...nice skyloop ant.... 73
4F3BZSA LP 10MFirst time to use my homebrewed Spiderbeam in a contest. And the results are great!
4I1EAYSA LP 15MFirst license 08-2019
4K6FOSO LP 20MTS-590S, power 100watts 2 El., Quad 5 Band 10m up. Thanks all for great fun on Air, I am very happy to participate in
4L/LY4ZZSO HP 80MGreat contest. Thank you all for very nice competiton and for QSOs. I used: TS-590S Home made linear amlifier, not more than 1kW. InVee, 25m high
4U9ASA HP ALLSpecial 4U1GSC contest call, easier for S&P mode
4X6FB/PSO QRP ALLFirst license 08-2020
4X6FRSA HP ALLUsing N1MM log, for some reason 3 times that I know about the program sent self spot on my call-sighn. I immediately stopd my run and changed my run Freq. Thanks for fun contest. 73 Zvi
5B4AIFSA LP ALLPart-time operation just for fun
7A2AM2CU CQ WW CW 2022
7J3AOZSO HP ALLEnjoyed this contest.73
7K1IIISO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1JFMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. I have operated in JA2 area
7K1PTTSA LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4AEASA HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURSO HP 40MI enjoyed the contest. QRV only 40m 3 hours
7K4XNNSO LP 15MI was enjoyed it with the contest
7L1DSTSO QRP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L1ETP/1SA LP 15MI enjoyed the contest with homemade 4ele yagi from the river bank. Sorry for poor keying. I used up/down button of microphone instead of paddle because I left mini to normal conversion adapter home
7L2VPLSO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest
7L3PFHSO QRP 80MI enjoyed the contest
7L4AKTSO LP 20MI enjoyed the contest
7L4FCNSA LP 20MI enjoyed this contest. TNX ! TS-570SG, 60W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7M2ALZSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7M4AOESO LP 10MI enjoyed the contest
7N2TRMSA LP ALLI have enjoyed cw dx contest
8N0JSO HP 20MI enjoyed the contest
9A/F5SNJSA HP ALLBelieve it or not, this was my very first CW contest after over 29 years as a licensed ham ! Not a serious entry by any stretch, my main objective was to practice running, and I did just a few hours here and there. With Richard 9A1TT's very effective station, it all worked out very well and I had a real blast ! Sincere thanks to him and to RHR team
9A3LETSA LP ALLFirst license 05-2019
9A5BWWSA LP ALLFirst time in CQ WW CW
9A5MPVSA QRP 15MRelaxing weekend as always, 73 Vlado
9A5YMSHOne more for the books & memories... One RUN + one MULT stn - Classic MS. Best 73 !
9A6ASA HP 80MGreat contest. It was difficult to have concentration on big pile up whole contest in the noise, but I enjoyed. For COVID-19 reason 9A1A is not working MM, but we used some bands to enjoy. All equipemens worked perfect. Thank you all for very nice competiton and for QSOs. I used: FT1000MP Home made linear amlifier made by 9A6A. Slooping dipole. 6 beverages: SW, W, NW, NE, E, S
9A7ZZSA LP ALLIcom IC-7410, Hexbeam,Butternut
9A8ASO LP 10MHello! I did 3 QSOs outside of 10m because they were my new DXCC (V48A on 80 / 20m and 9M6MI on 40m). I hope I can still send a LOG for 10m SO LP? If I can't put me in the CHECK LOG! Thanks, 73 Mark, 9A8A
9A9RSO HP 15MMY next contest will be without tool box and soldering iron, with new HM amplifier. New desktop with proper OS..... Nice contest
AA2MASA QRP ALLLate, late start due to radio problems which I ultimately resolved. But lots of fun in the 7:45 I was able to work. Why is it that the last hour of the contst is always the best in terms of rates and DX stations?!
AA4HGSO LP ALLFirst Contest in over 30 years. I think my CW is a little rusty, but this was good lubrication!
AA4TISA HP ALLGreat turnout this year
AA8CLSO LP ALLPersonal best
AA9JSSA HP ALLFun contest though I hope stations confirms via LoTW
AB0CDSO LP ALLRainGutter II Antenna IC-7300 great fun
AB5XMChecklogEnjoyed it! Thanks for putting on the contest!
AB5ZA/7SO LP ALLlow power entry, from DN35RW, all wire antennas at 25-52 Feet AGL/5430 Ft. ASL
AB9YCSA LP ALLFirst license 10-2010


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