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LX7I2019LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH10,669,9016,76214966048.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A7DX LX2A YO9GZU YO9WF
LX7I2018LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH10,222,8846,85516163048.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW HA1AG IK3UNA IK4VET LX2A
LX7I2017LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH13,415,5507,77816868248.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A7DX IK3UNA LX2A
LX7I2016LX14SA HIGH 15M286,3809943214025.5PC5A
LX7I2015LX14SO HIGH ALL8,425,8725,95313650739.1LX2A 
LX7I2014LX14SA HIGH ALL10,613,4005,99516863047.2LX2A
LX7I2012LX14SO HIGH ALL9,782,0106,93214648444.9LX2A
LX7I2011LX14SO HIGH ALL10,218,3126,75015049843.0LX2A
LX7I2009LX14SA HIGH 20M1,394,4423,4383914734.3LX2A 
LX7I2008LX14SA HIGH ALL7,300,3325,01914859345.5LX2A 
LX7I2007LX14SA HIGH ALL5,601,4664,16915063245.2LX2A 
LX7I2006LX14SA HIGH ALL4,695,3763,613146596LX2A 
LX7I2005LX14SA HIGH ALL4,296,9193,127141536LX2AJ 
LX7I2004LX14SO HIGH 80M279,6801,8452491LX2AJ 
LX7I2003LX14SO HIGH 40M466,6102,22629116LX2AJ 
LX7I2002LX14SO HIGH ALL2,642,6742,530129458LX2AJ 


LX7I2019LX14MULTI-TWO12,870,7008,64217267848.0DF3VM DK6WL DK9IP DL3BPC DL5KUT DL5SE
LX7I2018LX14SO HIGH 20M807,3002,6383711931.6DK3DM
LX7I2017LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH6,799,7755,42515257348.0DL3BPC DL5SE
LX7I2016LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH8,437,9685,91016562748.0DK3DM DL3BPC HB9CVQ LX2A PC5A
LX7I2015LX14MULTI-TWO18,920,35210,59320074348.0DD2ML DF3VM DK3DM DK6WL DL2JRM DL3BPC HB9CVQ LX2A PC5A
LX7I2014LX14MULTI-TWO21,934,66211,41620677748.0DF3VM DK6WL DL3BPC DL5SE E77XZ HB9CVQ LX2A PC5A RZ4AG
LX7I2013LX14MULTI-TWO19,956,79010,64520475548.0DL3BPC PC5A PA4N OE2VEL OE5OHO DL5SE DL2JRM HB9CVQ LX2A
LX7I2012LX14Yellow Card    LX2A DF3VM DK6WL DL1QQ DL5SE HB9CVQ PA4N 
LX7I2011LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH11,885,8176,45619471747.1DF3VM DF4PD DF9TS DJ8VH HB9CVQ LX2A
LX7I2010LX14MULTI-TWO14,409,0008,79518571548.0DF1LON DF3VM DL7CS DF4PD DF9TS DL3BPC HB9CVQ LX2A 
LX7I2009LX14MULTI-MULTI14,234,07210,43317662048.0DF4PD DK3QZ DL1XW DL3HAH DL3QQ DL5XX DL7CS HB9CVQ LX2A 
LX7I2008LX14MULTI-TWO9,006,1947,02316055947.8DL1EKC DL1QW DL4SDW HB9CVQ LX2A YO3JR YO9GZU 
LX7I2007LX14MULTI-TWO8,286,4106,29415962247.1DL8SCG DL4SDW DL1QW DJ9IE HB9CVQ LX2A 
LX7I2006LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH7,295,3445,159161581DF1LON DL4SDW DL5SEJ DL8SCG LX2A  
LX7I2005LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH6,481,1704,733153560LX2AJ DL1EKC DL4SDW DL8SCG  
LX7I2004LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH6,214,4534,849162587LX2AJ DL4SDW DL5SEJ DL8SCG  
LX7I2002LX14MULTI-ONE HIGH3,037,4303,578122461LX2AJ DL4SDW DL5SEJ DL8SCG  

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline or are not eligible for awards.

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